Rawtherapee broken after uninstall



I had two RT installs on my Windows 10 PC, a 5.3 version of Loacl lab and a 5.5 version of main branch RT.

I wanted to upgrade this PC to 5.4. I installed 5.4 with the two 5.3 version still on the PC. Wanting to clean up the machine I used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall the 5.3 installations of RT.

That’s when the problem started. version 5.4 would the open but display the message RT has crashed when opening a sub directory with about 360 Fuji files in it. When I disconnected the external drive that had the files on it, I was able to open and edit files in a subdirectory that had only about 20 .jpgs.

Three questions:

  1. Bug Reports: Is there a crash file that RT generates that I can upload? Is the a form for reporting bugs?

  2. When multiple versions of RT are installed on a machine, should I use Windows uninstall to remove unwanted versions. I see in the menue entry fr RT, there is only one Uninstall even if multiple versions of Rt are installed I use Revo because it cleans registry entries and subirectories that Win uninstaller leaves.

  3. Why is locllab not part of the main build?

Many thanks for all you great work


Initial line should read 5.3 not 5.5

(Morgan Hardwood) #3


RawTherapee creates cache and config files and folders whose deletion may help cease an elusive crash, though in order to find the cause of the crash you should first submit a proper bug report with a stack backtrace.



When you install multiple versions , each version should be installed in its own directory, wherever you choose. To uninstall, you can run either the unins000.exe inside the install dir, the Windows uninstaller or an external unistaller (I use sometimes CCleaner). The different RT versions installed are shown, exemple here in windows uninstaller:

The RT uninstaller deletes all dir, subdir and registry key generated by RT installer.

  • Locallab is still a work in progress. Not being a dev, I cannot answer. Nevertheless you can find a more recent version

here: https://keybase.pub/gaaned92/RTW64NightlyBuilds/