RawTherapee bug?

Hello fellow photographers. Lately I face a strange problem that I don’t know if it’s an option I changed by mistake or something else. When I open a RAW image from the file browser it seems corrupted in a bluish colour like the image you can see downside. To make it even worst when I go back the thumbnail changes to this weird image. I have processed many photos before but it’s the first time that it opens my images like this and does not stop. I reinstall the program but nothing changed. What’s wrong?

Hi, and welcome to pixls!

I don’t see anything obvious from the screenshot you posted. Highlight reconstruction is turned on but that might be correct. The moon does look weird, that is for sure.

Can you share this RAW and the sidecar/pp3 so we can have a look?

BTW: Once you edit an image it will reflect that edit in the thumbnails, so that part is correct. You can right-click on that image in the file browser and use Processing profile operations → clear to remove all edits you did and start with a clean slate (beware: this action cannot be undone! Your edit will be lost.).

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Hello @JonnyBaz, select in the upper right corner, under Processing Profiles, the profile Neutral. Does that change anything?

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DSCN3710.NRW.pp3 (12.1 KB)

I can’t upload the NRW file because it says that this type of file is not legitimate for uploading. I uploaded the jpg file and the pp3. I will try the tweak you have suggested to see if anything changes, tomorrow when I’ll return from work. Thank you guys in advance for the help!

Make a zip file from it or try adding .txt. You should be able to upload the NRW file now.

EDIT: Had a quick look at your pp3 and the film-like tone curve that is being used seems somewhat radical to be honest. But I can’t be 100% sure without the actual RAW file.

Do try @paulmatth’s suggestion. I’m all but sure that your problem will disappear.

EDIT2: @darix Can you add the NRW extension (=Nikon RAW) to the files that can be uploaded?

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DSCN3710.NRW (25.2 MB)

I’ll try your suggestion in 4-5 hours, thank you.

Paulmatth thank you,that was it! It seems that while I was “experimenting” with the program I changed that option without noticing the effect at my image.

That’s why I always start with the neutral profile, to be sure that nothing interferes with my image, including “forgotten settings”. :wink:

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