RAWTherapee cannot Open / View any Files.

I wanna use RAWTherapee to View my HDR files and EXR files that i use for my VFX workflow. I am however unable to view any formats other that PNG and JPEG. The “Open with RAWTherapee” option just opens a blank File when used on the File directly. This issue came up in Version 5.8 as well as 5.9. Please Let me know if i am the one who’s missing out on something here.

I use Windows 11. Please Help out Folks.

P.S i kinda love the UI of RawTherapee so i don’t wanna switch to any other software.

Open the preferences and there is a list of file extensions to view. Make sure the relevant extensions are checked.

RawTherapee does not support exr.

Not sure what you actually mean by HDR files, it being a bit of a blanket term. RawTherapee does support 16 and 32 bit floating point TIFFs, which are marked as being HDR. Here’s a screenshot from an old 16 bit, floating point TIFF in RT:


Do make sure to follow up on Mica’s advise, though. Some extensions might not be enabled by default.


As a side note: You mention a VFX workflow, HDR and exr. Are you aware that RawThereapee is a RAW editor and not a pixel (raster graphics) editor? I get the feeling that GIMP or Krita, presuming you want a FOSS solution, might be a better fit to what you are trying to do.

Hey Thanks for the Help. I guess ill go with Krita for now. Thanks

If you DO want to use EXR files in RT:

GitHub - Entropy512/pyimageconvert: Various Python image conversion scripts - a bunch of image format conversion scripts. Among other things, one supports converting EXR (and a few other formats) to floating point TIFF.

Should not need unreleased imagecodecs and tifffile modules at this point, I need to update the documentation.