Rawtherapee color settings CR3 files

Hallo, I want use rawtherapee for postprocessing CR3 files, but if I open CR3 files frist time, the color of file is changed. I can’t restore the colors to their original state. I think the problem will be in loading some color profile. Thanks for help. open original state

At the very beginning the embedded JPEG is shown. As soon as you open the profile you selected is applied, and from that point on you see the result of your profile. If you start with neutral profile then it looks the way as on your screenshot.

See also here http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Editor#Eek.21_My_Raw_Photo_Looks_Different_than_the_Camera_JPEG

Thank you. I used other programs before and their default settings for CR3 were similar to the resulting JPG file. I knew there would be a difference between the files, but I didn’t expect that. The fact that RT first uses a preview of the JPG file and then uses CR3 data explains the difference after opening the file.