Rawtherapee color settings CR3 files

Hallo, I want use rawtherapee for postprocessing CR3 files, but if I open CR3 files frist time, the color of file is changed. I can’t restore the colors to their original state. I think the problem will be in loading some color profile. Thanks for help. open original state

At the very beginning the embedded JPEG is shown. As soon as you open the profile you selected is applied, and from that point on you see the result of your profile. If you start with neutral profile then it looks the way as on your screenshot.

See also here Editor - RawPedia

Thank you. I used other programs before and their default settings for CR3 were similar to the resulting JPG file. I knew there would be a difference between the files, but I didn’t expect that. The fact that RT first uses a preview of the JPG file and then uses CR3 data explains the difference after opening the file.

Im having the same problem here, with CR3 files from a Canon SL3. Have you managed to fix it? From this conversation I get is about the color profile, but I still have no idea how to fix it

In the Color Management box I have 3 optons:

  • no profile (also bad)
  • Camera standard (this is one is selected)
  • custom (no idea what to open here)

Any help will be much appreciated

Until RawTherapee fully supports CR3 metadata, there will be various things that won’t automatically “just work”. This might be one of them?

That’s one factor that helped push me personally in other directions, although I keep an eye on RT’s current state just the same. Full CR3 support is on the roadmap.

Thats sad, I like RT a lot, Ive been using it for some time with older cameras and it always worked perfecty, I had no idea about the CR3 thing

Do you know any workaround?

The dev version may handle CR3 colors better, you might want to try that.

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You can try to use the DCP from Adobe and then use the tone curve and look table…that is one way and then in RT if you are using the automatch tone curve assuming that works for CR3 then there are I think 4 or 5 models used and the color is dramatically different depending on which one you use so you might want to try those to see if they get closer to your expectations…

Install the free Adobe DNG convertor …its a free download and then you can go into the software and pull out the DCP file for your camera… there may be several… ie ones intended to match things like your vivid setting or other camera mode as well… That is one route…these are what you would load under custom… THen in the automatch curve you need to try the different settings neutral , film etc as they have a large impact as well…

EDIT I couldn’t find a DCP for the SL3 but after googling I see it is also called the 250D and there are profile matching DCP files for it in the Adobe software …


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Thank you, Ill see if I can get it to run on wine here, Im on linux

Or maybe try to find those DCP files somwhere

No, it’s just that there is only decoding support for the SL3.

@Diogo_Abdalla There are three things you can try.

  1. Download the DCP from ART
  2. Get the Adobe DNG Converter DCP as suggested by Todd
  3. Add a basic color matrix in your camconst.json file in the config directory. For example:
{"camera_constants": [
        "make_model": [ "Canon EOS Rebel SL3", "Canon EOS 250D", "Canon EOS Kiss X10" ],
        "dcraw_matrix": [ 9079, -1923, -1236, -4677, 12454, 2492, -922, 2319, 5565 ]