RawTherapee does not support ICC profile v.4

Hello everyone, I downloaded the ICC ROMM and sRGB v.4 profiles from www.color.org.
Could RawTherapee not be able to see ICC v.4 profiles?
I ask it because, having inserted them in the output profiles folder, they do not appear in the “Color” panel under the output profile item.


I apologize if I opened this post. It was enough for me to do a check by installing the same ICC v.2 and v.4 profile to see that the v.4 profile is not read by RawTherapee.

I’m sorry but I don’t follow you: RT reads and works with v.4 profiles here.

Just to make sure: read the documentation about profiles location, then go to Preferences>Color Management>Directory containing color profiles, and point to a folder where you have your profiles and have rights to access them. Restart RT.

Can you see now your v.4 profiles? If not, please explain a little more about your problem (like which kind of profiles are those, and what is your intended use for them)

I confirm what I wrote because the ICC profiles reside in the exact directory (I have been using RT from several years). The profiles are sRGB v.4 and ROMM v.4 downloaded from the site I have indicated in the first post.
I intend to use the profiles as an outgoing profile to save the Tiff file.

Please specify your OS and RT versions and where you got your RT.

Well, I should confirm what I wrote too… RawTherapee does indeed recognize and use v.4 profiles.

According to the information provided in the sRGB Profiles page, from the website you pointed to:

Display class version

The sRGB_v4_ICC_preference.icc profile is of the profile class ‘colorspace’. While ICC recommends this version is used, some applications fail to recognize colorspace class profiles. A workaround for such cases is to use a ‘display’ class version (identical in all respects except for the profile class field in the header, and the profileID value).

It turns out that both ISO22028-2_ROMM-RGB.icc and sRGB_v4_ICC_preference.icc are of class colorspace, and they are not recognized by RT. On the other hand, you have the sRGB_v4_ICC_preference_displayclass.icc v.4 profile is perfectly recognized by RT:

This is the bottom part of my output icc profiles list, taken from RT5.8
As a bonus you can see also installed the v.2 sRGB profile from color.org (sRGB2014.icc).

In short: you can use your sRGB v.4 display profile, but you have to find a ROMM v.4 profile of the class display. Or maybe better, use one of the good profiles installed by default by RT.

EDIT: well, it seems I was too lazy to fully test those profiles. On my computer, the referenced v.4 profiles are recognized as input profiles (all of them), not recognized (none) as working profiles, and only the display sRGB v.4 profile is recognized as output profile.

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I haven’t examined them myself but it could be details such as the number of points or precision. You could read more about that somewhere in the forum. People have different ideas on what constitutes a good profile.

Thank you, in reading the specifications of the profiles I had not paid attention to the passage you pointed out to me.
A new thing learned.

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ROMM is same as Prophoto.
Specification is given in http://www.color.org/chardata/rgb/ROMMRGB.pdf
The best approximation in Rawtherapee is RTv4_Large.icc.
What I cannot explain is the weird name (perhaps due to license problem) and why it doesn’t strictly respect the Prophoto spec (slightly different primaries, different TRC).