RawTherapee don't see any files in folders


I have installed RawTherapee (Macbook Air M1 processor) and the program does not see any files - there is a grid with folders but there is no preview for any of them. I added permissions but it didn’t change anything. Has anyone had a similar challenge?

Just to make sure: Are those files actual image files or are they regular files?

RawTherapee only shows image files it recognizes, all other files are ignored.

This is image files (.arw; .jpg; .heic). Another question is about external volumes, where I can add access to this volumes?
I see something like this:
Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 09.03.20

I have some .jpg files and folders on desktop but I don’t see it ;/

About the files not showing: Did you double click on the folder (Desktop in the above example)?

You cannot do this in RawTherapee. RawTherapee’s file manager just shows what it can see and has access to. I’m on Linux, but if I mount an external medium, which is done outside of RT, it will show up in the file manager.

EDIT: Came across this in another thread, might be of use:

Thank you. But maybe it’s something wrong with files formatting, because when I click right button on mouse in .jpg then I have open file in RT. But when I click in folder in RT (screen below) I see window with this text:

I saw this Photos faq and in my preference is everything with this support.

The error meassage shown (Operation not permitted) seems to point to a permission problem. I’m not a Mac user, but a quick search gave me this (I see many more hits, do a search yourself as well):

Hope this helps.

Unfortunately, I followed these steps and it still does not work (admittedly on Big Sur - the latest version). I’m still looking for a solution :slight_smile:

I have kind of the same problem. It shows my external ssd (Samsung T5), but not the folders on/in it.

have you tried to solve it in other ways than those described here?

Only other thing I can come up with is this thread here at pixles, not sure if any of it (partially) applies to your issue though:

I did notice something else in your posted screenshot: The map you circled (next to the custom button) is not there for pointing RT to your images, it is for pointing RT to profiles that can be used.

Everything for browsing files and folders to get to the images is done from here:


I think this one might be too obvious, but just in case: Did you check if all the image formats are checked in the preferences? This section:

Me? I don’t know what you mean …

Addendum: Rawtherapee doesn’t see graphic files/folders on the internal ssd either!

I am on a Mac Mini M1, running Big Sur 11.2.3

Yesterday I found solution :slight_smile: I installing RT from this topic: File access on macOS Catalina
and works great :slight_smile: