RawTherapee for RAF files of Fuji S5 pro

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I’m trying to use RawTherapee to work on the RAF files of my old Fuji S5, but the qualité of RAF, and Tiff files exported, is lower than the jpeg coming from the camera.

Is there a parameter to change for the Fuji RAF ?


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How exactly is the quality different? Do you have some sample images you can attach here to demonstrate the problems you’re seeing?

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Obligatory link on behalf of @Morgan_Hardwood. :wink:

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Here is a detail of an image made by FUJI S5 + Zoom Nikon 18-140.
RAF converted in TIF by RawTherapee + original jpeg.

Maybe this quality loss is due to the Fuji RAF files, that have a special coding because of the double photodiode for each pixel (normal and higlights).

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Fuji S5 is not fully supported by RT. The raw files from S5 pro contain 2 frames. RT processes only the first one.


It looks like you haven’t removed CA’s from the TIFF and the sharpening in RT is lower than the camera setting. Upload the RAW + pp3 and the JPEG to e.g. https://filebin.net/, please.

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The 4 files : original jpeg and RAF + TIF from RT + pp3 :


But I think Ingo is right : All the raw softwares don’t accept the Fuji RAF files.

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Yet hopefully. :wink:
If you’re ok with it, consider uploading the RAF to https://raw.pixls.us as well?

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patdavid : Upload just done.


Did a quick edit, I think it’s not to bad:

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Thanks for your time, Toowaboo.

Yes, the TIF you made is almost as good as the jpeg, but I was thinking that a RAW file converted in TIF must be better than the original jpeg (and allows more corrections, of course).


This depends on the picture and has nothing todo with tiff or jpg. Yours is a bad example to show what you can do with a RAW converter. :slight_smile:

Guess, which is the oocJpg :innocent:

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The sharpness seems very similar, but the second one is probably a jpeg from a raw corrected (?).

Of course, the picture I sent was just a test taken from my window.

When I work with my Nikon 7100, and I want the best quality, for a very large printing for ex. (sometimes several meters), I work on the Raw file, in ViewNx2, and I save it in TIF. The result is very good.

But with my Fuji S5, as I said, it looks like the Raw (Raf) is not completly processed by RawTherapee.


Correct. :slight_smile:


Fuji S5/S3 Pro raw files have two sets of images because it has HDR built into the camera. But even when only one of these images, you should be able to get very sharp images from this camera. However neither dcraw or Adobe Lightroom/Camera Raw have understood the raw files of this camera well enough to even match the JPEG output of the camera. So the popular perception that the sensor is just a 45° rotated bayer pattern might be wrong.

I’ve made some tests and takes some notes on the subject here: www.robotplanet.dk/photo/fuji-raw-format/

Long story short: If you have a Fuji S2/S3/S5 pro, you have to use the software that comes with the camera, because it will yield far better results than any other raw software I’ve seen - probably becasue Fuji are the only ones who know the actual sensor design.

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Thanks JoaCHIP.

I agree, but I don’t find the Fuji software I received with my S5 again.