Rawtherapee for tablets (Android/iOS)

(Tarun ) #1


Is it a good idea to have a version of rawtherapee available for tablets (not mobiles though since rawtherapee need more screen space)? I think it would be great to have a portable version of the software on a mobile device than just PCs and Laptops but practically speaking, is it possible?

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Not at this time. The GUI system RawTherapee is based on, gtk3, has not been ported to iOS. Another popular free GUI system, Qt5, has been ported to iOS, and others. The RT GUI would have to be rewritten, so there is no plan to do such a thing.
Using RawTherapee via remote on tablets is definitely possible but annoying to use. When I’m comfy in my recliner sometimes I will use RawTherapee via a Remote Desktop on the tablet. The interface is designed for mousing. Things like scrolling thru tools require considerable effort.

(Tarun ) #3

Okay. Got it. Yeah! using via remote can be buggy and irritating.

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(Stefan Chirila) #4

dangit. I’d love to see RT working on Android as some form of self sufficient AppImage :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mica) #5

This can’t happen ever for Android without a complete UI rewrite in Java or some android tech. However, the Librem 5 phone is supposed to run flatpak apps, which means maybe RT could on that device. Of course, they’re running Wayland, so no color management :wink:

(Stefan Schmitz) #6

Excuse me if my question isn’t very constructive, but: are tablets still a thing?
They were quite the talk seven years ago, but who buys tablets today? Or do I simply live in that special valley behind the woods?

(Mica) #7

The iPad is certainly still a thing. On the whole, I don’t think tablets grew into what everyone thought they would several years ago. They are certainly not desktop/laptop killers.

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Phones have gotten bigger as well. Less need for a tablet over a phone.

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(Stefan Chirila) #9

@beachbum @paperdigits @chaimav in my own experience, I have a few friends who buy tablets for some gaming quick googling around the house. Personally, if I were given a tablet computer such as the Microsoft surface with Linux on it I’d probably enjoy using it instead of my laptop.

I’d quite enjoy getting an android tablet though solely for editing raw files on the go, running literally nothing else on it than RawTherapee

(Stefan Schmitz) #10

I think that’s the thing I don’t get. RAW-editing isn’t exactly something I’d do “on the go”. I either do it right and in deep - or I’d live with the ooc.jpg

(Mica) #11

@beachbum I feel the same way. I have two, nice, big 24" 1080p monitors that are color calibrated connected to a computer with a great storage array and a lot of ram. Editing on any sort of mobile device isn’t something I’d want to do at all. Hell, I barely even want to edit on my laptop!

But my girlfriend works completely differently. She almost only edits on her phone and doesn’t often even transfer the files to the desktop until it’s time for back up. I get this workflow… She shoots, then edits right away. When we are half way home from a shoot location, my camera and photos are in the trunk and nowhere near ready to share… She is already done and posting.

Different strokes for different folks!

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(Stefan Chirila) #12

@paperdigits @beachbum the idea is to be able to apply some of my proven saved presets (of course with the required brightness/contrast adjustments) to sample shots I like to post online when I am on holiday. My laptop does a good job at that, but you know …tablets are smaller and lighter still :slight_smile: