Rawtherapee for tablets (Android/iOS)


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Is it a good idea to have a version of rawtherapee available for tablets (not mobiles though since rawtherapee need more screen space)? I think it would be great to have a portable version of the software on a mobile device than just PCs and Laptops but practically speaking, is it possible?


Not at this time. The GUI system RawTherapee is based on, gtk3, has not been ported to iOS. Another popular free GUI system, Qt5, has been ported to iOS, and others. The RT GUI would have to be rewritten, so there is no plan to do such a thing.
Using RawTherapee via remote on tablets is definitely possible but annoying to use. When I’m comfy in my recliner sometimes I will use RawTherapee via a Remote Desktop on the tablet. The interface is designed for mousing. Things like scrolling thru tools require considerable effort.

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Okay. Got it. Yeah! using via remote can be buggy and irritating.