RawTherapee HSV and Defringe equalizer GUI bug

Good afternoon!
Faced with incorrect operation of the Rawthearpee interface as the latest stable release and build 5.8-2983-g3f58095b6. Windows 10 operating system (home and pro).
The essence of the problem is that if I use HSV tools or defringe equalizers, the control point editing window does not open completely, part of it is hidden by the lower toolbars. If you hover the cursor over the linear/control points selection button, the window opens completely, but sometimes not immediately. I attach a couple of pictures for understanding.
This is not a critical bug, but sometimes it causes inconvenience when working with the program. I ask you to check the users in their versions, perhaps this is not only manifested in me. And if this is a mass phenomenon, I ask the developers to fix it.
If I remember correctly, this behavior was also observed in linux(mint) versions.

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Your observation is correct and not limited to the HSV and Defringe (equalizer) tools. Other collapsible tools also show this behaviour, for example: RGB curves and L*a*b Adjustments.

I do not remember ever seeing this behaviour with the tools in CIEcam and Local Adjustments, though.

This is also not Windows specific; I’m on Linux and I’ve been seeing this, I’ve also seen it happen during Andy Astbury’s videos (he’s on OSX). This is also not limited to the latest version(s) of RawTerapee.

I’ve learned to live with it, partially assuming that there would be a Bug report about it that needs to picked up (need to look into that one, though). Or you can file one on GitHub if you want.

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It seemed to me that RT developers are on this forum, so I decided to write here. As I understand it, there are some error reporting protocols on GitHub, I do not know how to do it correctly, this is a resource for developers, and I’m just a user.

This is a known bug and already reported on GitHub, see #3973 for example.