RawTherapee integration with Hugin

I reached out to Thomas Modes, one of Hugin’s (currently only) developers, to let him know about this place and hopefully to encourage him to make an appearance here. He prefers to use the mailing list as the one centralized place for discussions due to time constraints, though I hope you (Thomas, if you’re reading this) take a chance and check in here.

Thomas mentioned that Hugin now supports using the command-line RawTherapee executable to convert raw files to TIFF. This feature is available in the default branch, and you can help by testing it. Let us know which operating system you used, which version of RawTherapee and Hugin you tested, and how it went.

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@Carmelo_DrRaw Can you provide appimages of the DEV version?

Btw. We have a export to hugin Lua script for darktable. It exports the selected Raw images and opens them in hugin and reimports the final panorama.


You can use discourse via email, entirely!

Currently I am building and packaging the default HUGIN branch from the mercurial repository (Hugin / Hugin / [2b2251]). This should be the good one for getting the latest features, right?

Sounds good.

@Morgan_Hardwood @Tobias

I have introduced some improvements to the Hugin AppImage package, and it should now call RawTherapee as an external program. The new package is here: https://github.com/aferrero2707/hugin-appimage/releases/download/continuous/Hugin_Panorama_Creator-git-20181102-x86_64.AppImage

However, at the moment I have no easy way to test this feature. Would you be able to check if it works?

@Carmelo_DrRaw great!
Tested, it fails to run in Sabayon: https://paste.ee/p/8bOmE

Could you test the latest package (it is here)? The issue with the XCB library should be fixed…


@Carmelo_DrRaw this build runs \o/

However, there are issues preventing it from being used. /o\

Every control point detector fails:

  1. Add some TIFF images.
  2. Set the CP detector to “Hugin’s CPFind”.
  3. Click “Create control points”.

It fails with:

Command: cpfind --multirow -o "/tmp/ap_resKPOpZG" "/tmp/ap_inprojtMmpp1"
failed with error code: 127

When I try to use the raw importer, it too fails with something also related to the tmp path:

Executing: /home/morgan/programs/rawtherapee/rawtherapee-cli -O /home/morgan/photos/2018-10-17/2018-10-17\ 1\ 03.tif -p /tmp/rt.pp3 -s -p /tmp/.mount_Hugin_obDWOJ/usr/share/hugin/datahugin_rt.pp3 -tz -Y -c /home/morgan/photos/2018-10-17/2018-10-17\ 1\ 03.dng
RawTherapee, version 5.4-1075-gd75741a99, command line.
Error: "/tmp/.mount_Hugin_obDWOJ/usr/share/hugin/datahugin_rt.pp3" not found.

Upstream issue (though this appears to be a downstream AppImage issue):

It seems I have fixed both cpfind and rawtherapee invocation. It works on my Ubuntu system. Could you please check again? If it is OK for you as well, I will confirm the fix on launch pad…


@Carmelo_DrRaw confirmed, works well now.

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