RawTherapee - Lens correction


Hey. Why does a warning appear to me when I choose the correct lens? File in attachment.


(Mica) #2

I believe this means there is lens correction available for your sigma lens, but the calibration was done on a camera body with a different sensor size than the ILCE 6000.

If the correction looks good to you, I wouldn’t worrry about it.

If you are worried about it, you can perform your own lens correction calibration.


To give more details
edit silly error: crop factor=size of full frame sensor/ size of actual sensor

ILCE-6000 has a crop factor of 1,534 in Lensfun DB (type APS-C)

Lens was measured with a OMD E-M5 (type 4/3") which has a smaller sensor with a crop factor of 2.

Thus outside the rectangle defined by 4/3" sensor, the profile can be wrong thus the warning.

Follow advice of @paperdigits




Thanks for the answer.