rawtherapee preprocessing

It takes like 20-30 seconds to open a new photo for me in rawtherapee.
To make it faster, I’ve created a new default profile, which disables:

  • HLRecovery
  • PostDemosaicSharpening
  • CA correction

The only difference with respect to my old default profile is changing a true to a false in these 3 cases.

My question is, is it safe to do editing (just cropping and perspective transforms) with the fast profile, and then in the resulting pp3 change this back to true before exporting? Would I end up with the same settings as when I used the original profile the whole time, or does having these options enabled automatically change other options?

(for context, I’m only using rawtherapee for color and flat field corrections, I manually crop and correct perspective, and have a script to turn a triplet of photos of a painting, and with a colorchecker in front, and with a white card covering it into a corrected single tif file, which I then continue with in lightroom. Also see this old post.

No you may not like the changes to the result. It all depends on the image and workflow. You would have to check. You have provided some back story to your question but no data.

If your question is if you get the same result when you change the order in which you make the adjustments, then the answer is yes. Order does not matter.

It’s safe to apply a pp3 that just enables those modules. Just make sure you don’t accidentally have other ettings in those pp3s. Best thing is to open the pp3 in a text editor to confirm.