RawTherapee reset crop area behavior (v5.5)



I am not sure if this is truly a bug, but the reset crop area in RawTherapee does not behave as I expected it would. If the orientation is changed (e.g. from portrait to landscape) clicking reset does not reset the orientation, but just goes to maximum size. In other words, the image is still cropped. I would have expected the reset to go back to the full uncropped image.

(Roel) #2

@chaimav the reset button was introduced recently by me and there is at least one other issues with it. See here. I will add this as a bug too. Thanks for reporting!

(although @Morgan_Hardwood would probably tell you that this forum is not the place for bug reports :wink: )


I had to verify it was a bug and not intended behaviour first :thinking:

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

This forum is not the place for bug reports.

(Flössie) #5

You made my day. :rofl:


Thanks for reporting it (and explaining it much more succinctly I might add)