Rawtherapee Retinex and Non-raw files

I am trying to use the Retinex tool in Rawtherapee 5.4 on a tiff file. It has no effect at all - which is not true when using the tool on a camera raw file.

On the page at https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Retinex is the following note:
As a consequence, non raw files (TIFF, JPG, …) can’t be processed with this algorithm? This problem should be solved soon (November 2015 ??).

Am I correct in assuming that the Retinex tool is not able to work with non-raw files?


Hi Hiram,

Thanks for the info. I figured that was the case but thought it best to ask.

Sad but true, no retinex on tiffs yet.

In the meantime, GIMP has retinex, so does G’MIC. Of course, every implementation is different.

There are 2 branches where you can find “Retinex” that works for TIFF and JPG

  • waveletnew : in this branch Retinex is incorporated to wavelet level, with 2 options
    a) in Final Touchup - in this case if you dont’use any slider, it is as whithout Wavelet, if you use some settings of wavelet, “Retinex” is at the end
    b) in Residual image

  • newlocallab : in this branch you can apply Retinex to a part of an image

To note, in those branches, Retinex acts also on chroma (including in the case of branch waveletnew for the Retinex module in Raw mode)


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I tried to edit some mRaw and sRaw Files from my EOS 80D. although this is a Raw File, Retinex shows no effect at all in this pictures.
I can’t find anything in the wavelet tab either

mRaw and sRaw are not raw. They are already demosaiced

It is obvious you cannot found in wavelet tab because you are in dev branch
What I’m talking about is the branch “waveletnew” - a) you can compile; b) or download (windows…)


So this like a non raw file (for rawtherapee)?

@jdc i searched a bit on the forum and github. If there is a compiled version for windows it’s really well hidden

@Myxir They aren’t real raws. I bookmarked gaaned92/ – Keybase.pub a while back. Contains all of the latest builds. I suggest you do the same. :wink:

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It is not hidden, but here for MAC, Windows

Download RawTherapee development builds

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