Rawtherapee saves the day!!!

(Pat Cunn) #1

This is very illustrative of why I like Rawtherapee. Adobe Camera Raw is oftentimes doing shady things in the background that work fine for your average snapshooter, but cause issues for more advanced forms of photography. Also pretty cool to see more mainstream blog coverage of Rawtherapee, although judging by the final result he got using Rawtherapee (distictly recognizeable, too), it seems like the author didn’t understand some of the more complex functions and capabilities in RT, and how to get the kind of parity or surpassing of results to Lightroom that I know from personal experience.

Also, I just cannot fathom automatic and undisablable distortion correction in a medium format camera, considering that the point of medium format is oftentimes to get the most resolution theoretically possible, an objective that is impeded by resampling.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Though one wonders why he used version 5.0-r1-gtk3 from February 2017…

(Peter) #3

Strange article. Condescending too - “After a long search I found RawTherapee to be the only raw editor that ignores the build in lens distortion correction. Or perhaps the program lacks the ability? In any way; this little program made it possible to use the Fujifilm GFX-50s for star trails after all.”
Ah, this little program :wink:
First comment asks why he couldn’t do the same in Capture One or use a different lens profile!
His mini-bio states “With his roots in the analog photo age he gained an extensive knowledge about photography techniques” yet in his brief article he says he didn’t experiment with film because he found it too expensive.
Still, good to see RT getting a mention I suppose.

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(Pat Cunn) #4

Yeah, judging by his edits done in Rawtherapee, it seems like he doesn’t understand in much depth how to use Rawtherapee. It looks like the kind of results I got on RT 4.0 four years ago, back when I understood little about raw editing.


Perhaps, someone here could help clarify in the article’s comments section. :wink:

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(Pat Cunn) #6

Just did so, although probably not likely to be seen as it is at the bottom of the thread.

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