RawTherapee still crashes

In the end, it always does. It doesn’t seem to matter what exactly I do, how many images in a folder, how intensively I tweak them - after maybe half an hour or 1 hour of work, I press a button or type a shortcut, and - BOOM!

This has always been the case, and it annoys me to no end. As far as I know, my hardware is good, memory and so on - I have no problem compiling RawTherapee, so it must be. :grinning: Also, I have a memory indicator always running, and I’m not getting low at all, at least 5G still left at all times. So I don’t think it is OOM either.

Has anyone else seen this and solved it?

Of course I’ve seen applications crash and sometimes I was even able to fix it. RT included.

But if you want us to help (or ideally, if you want to fix it yourself), please take a look at this:





Hi there,

look, I’m a programmer myself, I understand what you mean. But the problems I have are too random to pin down like that. (If I could pin them down, I probably could also fix them.) All I can say is, it always takes some time for it to happen - it never happens when working on the first 20 images or so. Also, it never happens in command line batch mode, which is the exclusive way I export the final result images, and often there are more than that in a batch.

It has happened in all versions I’ve used, starting from 3.x until now on 5.6, and both under Debian (until 2 years ago) and now, Gentoo.

Standard error log helpfully says “Segmentation fault”.

P.S. Some of the requirements on the page you quote just don’t make sense. For example “Provide the RAW and PP3” - but I’m sure sometimes the crash occurs when I am in the file browser.

Well, 5.6 is far away from being an actual version. And Floessie has been asking for a correct bug report…

Please see my edit for just one reason why I cannot provide all that is asked.

Well, when you posted your complaints one week ago, you did not tell anything about your OS or your RT version. Now we now, it is Gentoo and RT 5.6. I’m usually working in RT for several hours a day w/o any crash. BTW, I’m compiling on my own on Win 10 and my current version is 5.8-397-g276ae214f.


It usually doesn’t hurt to start a debug build (or even the release build) under GDB even if it takes some time for it to crash. Debian has debug symbols on debian-debug, for Gentoo it’s probably even easier.

Always on the same hardware?

That’s when you should think about digging deeper with GDB. :wink:

Perhaps not for your problem, but most of the crashes are bound to a specific setting (PP3) on a specific file (RAW) so this requirement generally makes a lot of sense.


@nobrowser FWIW you should file a bug report on GitHub with all of the info that is required in “How to write useful bug reports” testing the latest dev branch and providing a stack trace. Only then we can start guessing what’s wrong with your setup. And maybe there isn’t something wrong anymore, as we fixed a lot of bugs since 5.6.

Hunting bugs is an arduous job both for the reporter and the hunter… :sweat_drops: