RawTherapee Website release post (aka: we're not dead yet)

Continuing with the list of major updates…

Abstract Profiles

Not sure how to describe this one. Allows color profiles to be used artistically rather than for typical color management. Never mind, Jacques posted before I could. :slight_smile:

Wavelet Levels

explained by Jacques above

Fix for Disappearing Window

Several users have reported an annoying bug where RawTherapee would start, but the window would not appear. It actually appeared off the screen. This has been fixed.

Camera Support

As usual, support for several cameras or file formats have been added or improved (ProRaw, EOS R5, EOS R6, EOS RP, GFX 100, Z 5, Z 50, etc.)

Miscellaneous Bug-fixes and Performance Improvements


In addition to all the updates that will be part of 5.9, there has been a lot of work done which are expected to be completed and included in the following release. This is an important point because it shows development is on-going.


5.9 has been over 2 years in the making, so I’ll try my best to remember as many contributors. Please help me out if I miss anyone or their associated contributions.

Code Contributors

Beep6581 / @ Morgan_Hardwood (Maciek Dworak) : Maintainer. Camera support. Adding translations from translators.
Benitoite / @HIRAM (Richard Barber) : Maintaining and improving RawTherapee for MacOS. Side note: Name is not in the credits yet.
Bezierr : Resizing by long or short edge of the image. Bugfixes. Side note: Is name in the credits?
Desmis / @jdc (Jacques Desmis) : Primary developer of Local Adjustments. Abstract Profiles. Improvements to Wavelets. Color correlation Automatic White Balance. Bugfixes.
Floessie / @floessie : Many bugfixes. Code review. Many small but important code contributions.
Hombre57 / @Hombre (Jean-Christophe Frisch) : Spot Removal.
heckflosse / @heckflosse (Ingo Weyrich) : Bilinear dual-demosaic options. Camera support. Bugfixes. Performance improvements. Haze Removal saturation blending. Square crop guide.
jonathanBieler / @jonathanBieler (Jonathan Bieler) : Reducing issues with the rendering of the parametric curves. Adding default size for Spot Removal. Side note: Name is not in the credits yet.
Lawrence37 / Me (Lawrence Lee): Camera-based perspective correction. Waveform and vectorscopes. Bugfixes. Automated Windows and AppImage builds on GitHub.
Pandagrapher / @Pandagrapher (Pierre Cabrera): Local Adjustments, with major contributions to the UI. Fix for disappearing window.
SimonSegerblomRex (Simon Segerblom Rex) : Fixes for image decoding.
sgotti / @sgotti (Simone Gotti) : Improvements to DNG decoding. Side note: Name is not in the credits yet.
stwunsch (Stefan Wunsch) : Improvements to the CMake build. Side note: Name is not in the credits yet.
Thanatomanic / @Thanatomanic (Roel Baars) : Camera support. Bugfixes. UI theme updates. Code review. Unofficial co-maintainer.
ThorNielsen (Thor Nielsen) : Camera white balance for certain CR3 files. Side note: Name is not in the credits yet.
rfranke (Rüdiger Franke) : Full-screen/detached inspector.
rom9 / @rom9 (Alberto Romei) : Improved Film Negative.

I’ll finish this list with non-code contributors another time and maybe elaborate on the Local Adjustment tools and the things I’ve added, if that’s desirable.


For all following, I’m working in a branch on the rawtherapee-web repo.

The actual post file is here:

Again, please feel free to ask for changes or point out anything I’m missing/messing up. (You’re not going to hurt my feelings - I just want to get the message out to the users! :slight_smile: ).


Thanks Pat! And thanks to everyone for moving this project forward in light of difficult circumstances. Just for clarification, is this announcement going to be posted on top of the main page of the RawTherapee website? Or is this a new web location all together?

Contributors (continued)


syyrmb / @syyrmb (十一元人民币) : Chinese (Simplified).
mkyral / @mkyral (Marián Kyral) : Czech.
blitzgneisserin / @betazoid (Anna) : Deutsch.
Yz2house : Japanese.
dheijl / @dheijl (Danny Heijl) : Nederlands.
bwisn (Bartłomiej Wiśniowski) : Polish.

Other Contributors

Already mentioned by Jacques, but their help extend beyond what was mentioned in this thread.

… and many more who participated with bug reports, ideas, testing, etc.



First of all, thank you for this work which makes things move forward.

The introduction fits me overall (with my understanding of English).

The list of people who have done at least one PR is interesting, it shows that many people have developed something. but two remarks :

  • don’t do the ranking by number of PR/commits, not that I’m looking for any benefit or ego (I don’t care at all), but it shows better the contributions of each one (it’s just a remark)

  • should we not also note the main contributors who (at least in my case, Local adjustments, Abstract profile, Wavelets, Color-correlation automatic white balance, etc.) have been indispensable both to detect upstream of the PR the dysfunctions, and to realize the important change of the documentation (tooltips, Rawpedia, videos) and write the tooltips and Rawpedia in good English

It is probably necessary to leave the links that you put, but it seems to me that the list made by adding the proposals of @Lawrence37 and mine, should clearly appear in simple reading. These proposals which give a summary description of each “novelty” (Local adjustments, Waveform and vectorscope, …, abstract profile, etc.) as well as the developers and contributors seems to me very desirable (rather than only links, which of course must be maintained) to show the evolution of the work and thoughts in progress, and of course for each new feature some screenshots

But once again thank you for this initiative which will improve the communication and I hope (finally) unblock the imbroglio in which we are

Excuse my bad english, and my current very poor contribution due to very serious health problems (and my age 74)



Oh, there are some others also working on the german translation?

Edit: a translation from my side is done, just waiting for the final release of the default file.

I just added some words while working on an Artilcle about RT, just did it on the side because I noticed that something was missing.
I think they mentioned me because I have several commits, most of them being translation commits. One of them is tiny but actual code but I guess that’s not enough to mention me as a developer. So I am kind of a contributor.
BTW, thanks @Lawrence37 , it’s really a great honor.

Dear Jacques,

I’m sorry to hear about your health problems. I wish you all the best, and thank you for your contributions.



@patdavid How much detail and what kind of information do you need for the descriptions of each feature?

@jdc Those are good points.
The associations of people to their respective features, I think, is a sufficient replacement for the number of PRs and commits. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but the associations give a clear idea of how people have contributed to 5.9.
On the point of documentation, I’m not good at keeping track of all those who have helped. In addition to what Jacques has written, I recall @XavAL wrote the Spanish RawPedia documentation on Waveform and Vectorscopes.

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This will be on the RT website as a news post.

Just a few good talking points and/or a link to further documentation or descriptions for me to get the gist of things. I think I understand local adjustments not after reading the rawpedia entry.

@XavAL aleo designed the entire rawpedia theme we are using. (Ty!)

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My problem at the moment is that I need to get control of the RawTherapee domain name to push these changes to the main website correctly I think.

Can anyone help me with contact info for Gabor if he’s still the owner? @heckflosse - any guidance to reach him?

@patdavid @Lawrence37

Of course I have already mentioned @XavAL , in Wavelet Javier Bartol (C)

But I would like to point out the importance of Wayne Sutton’s work @Wayne_Sutton of course it is not a translation, but he is the one who has often detected malfunctions, but above all he has written the “Tooltips”, “titles”, “chapters”, etc; and the documentation of “Local adjustments” in real English (my english is bad near “franglais”). It is this “good quality” basis that other translators (German, etc.) use.


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I’m busy sifting through RawPedia to identify contributors to the documentation. Until that’s finished, here’s more relevant pages for some of the new features.
Waveform and Vectorscope (Spanish)
Camera-Based Perspective Correction
Spot Removal
Color-Correlation Auto WB

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According to RawPedia’s history tracker, these user accounts have been active since the release of 5.8:
Benitoite / @HIRAM : MacOS.
DrSlony / @Morgan_Hardwood : Keyboard Shortcuts, Lensfun, Sidecar Files, and using Adobe DNG Converter.
Gaaned92 / @gaaned92 : Windows.
Jdc / @jdc : English and French additions to Local Adjustments, CIECAM02, White Balance, Color Management, ICC Profile Creator, and more.
Lebarhon : French version of Color Management, How to create DCP color profiles, and MacOS.
Mica / @paperdigits : Wavelets.
Patdavid / @patdavid : RawPedia Book.
Pxlcore : German version of Getting Started.
Thanatomanic / @Thanatomanic : Several additions and updates to Download, Windows/Linux, Getting Started, Spot Removal, and more.
XavAL / @XavAL : Extensive additions and updates to many pages in the Spanish version and also several contributions to the English version.
Yz2house : Extensive additions and edits to the Japanese version across many pages.

The list above is solely based on the records in RawPedia. In addition to who Jacques Desmis has credited, I am aware of the following:
Paco Lorés / @paco.lores : Extensive additions to the Spanish version in collaboration with XavAL.

A more detailed list of contributions can be found in my notes:


Keyboard Shortcuts
Sidecar Files
Adobe DNG Converter


Local Adjustments (en/fr)
Toolchain Pipeline
CIECAM02 (en/fr)
White Balance (en/fr)
Vibrance (en/fr)
Color Management (en/fr)
Noise Reduction / Denoise (en/fr)
Edges and Microcontrast (en/fr)
ICC Profile Creator (en/fr)

Color Management (fr)
How to create DCP color profiles (fr)
MacOS (fr)


RawPedia Book

Getting Started (de)

Getting Started
Color Management
Local Contrast
Dynamic Range Compression
Spot Removal
Sidecar Files

Demosaicing (es)
Wavelets (en/es)
Color Toning (es)
Soft Light (es)
Black and White (es)
Toolchain Pipeline (es)
Keyboard Shortcuts (es)
Adding Support for New Raw Formats (es)
Editor (es)
Bit Depth (es)
The Floating Point Engine (es)
Getting Started (es)
Download nightly builds (es)
Sensor with Bayer/X-Trans Matrix (es)
Preprocessing (es)
Dark-Frame (es)
Color Management (es)
Tone Mapping (es)
Edges and Microcontrast (es)
Chromatic Aberration (es)
ICC Profile Creator (es)
Graduated Filter (es)
File Browser (es)
Edit Current Image in External Editor (es)
Vignetting Filter (es)
Coding RawPedia Pages
RGB Curves (es)
Raw Black Points (es)
Raw White Points (es)
Haze Removal (es)
Impulse Noise Reduction (es)
Defringe (es)
Capture Sharpening (en/es)
How to convert raw formats to DNG
Making a Portable Installation (es)
Queue (es)
Saving Images (es)
GIMP Plugin (es)
Batch-Sync (es)
File Paths (es)
Command-Line Options (es)
Batch Adjustments - Sync (es)
Download (es)

Toolchain Pipeline (jp)
CIECAM02 (jp)
Local Adjustments (jp)
How to convert raw formats to DNG (jp)
Download (jp)
How to create DCP color profiles (jp)
MacOS (jp)
The Image Editor Tab (jp)
Noise Reduction (jp)
Capture Sharpening (jp)
General Comments About Some Toolbox Widgets (jp)
Wavelets (jp)
Comparison of the 3 RawTherapee noise reduction tools (jp)
Film Negative (jp)
Linux (jp)
Sidecar Files (jp)
Lens/Geometry (jp)
Windows (jp)
Edges and Microcontrast (jp)
White Balance (jp)
Color Management (jp)
About Noise Reduction (jp)
ICC Profile Creator (jp)
Resize (jp)
Dynamic Range Compression (jp)
Vibrance (jp)

Paco Lores
Demosaicing (es)
Sensor with Bayer/X-Trans Matrix (es)
Preprocessing (es)
Dark-Frame (es)
Tone Mapping (es)
Color Toning (es)
Vignetting Filter (es)
Graduated Filter (es)
Chromatic Aberration (es)
RGB Curves (es)
Raw Black Points (es)
Raw White Points (es)
Haze Removal (es)
Edges and Microcontrast (es)
Impulse Noise Reduction (es)
Defringe (es)
Soft Light (es)
Capture Sharpening (es)
Black and White (es)
Editor (es)
Making a Portable Installation (es)
Queue (es)
Saving Images (es)
Toolchain Pipeline (es)
ICC Profile Creator (es)
GIMP Plugin (es)
File Paths (es)
Command-Line Options (es)
Edit Current Image in External Editor (es)
Color Management (es)
Batch-Sync (es)
Batch Adjustments - Sync (es)
Adding Support for New Raw Formats (es)
Download (es)
RGB and Lab (es)

Finally, I want to point out that there is still time for more contributions. For example:
@Entropy512 has been cleaning up the default language file.
Javier and Paco have a Spanish translation for RawTherapee.
Martin has a German translation, as indicated above.
mogensjaeger provided a Danish translation.

edit: Added mogensjaeger’s translation.



The work done by @Lawrence37 Lawrence37 is very relevant, it shows the people who intervened on Rawpedia (of course those who have rights)
I want to mention the remarkable work done by @XavAL to improve Rawpedia, especially with new tools

I remind, and this is what I think @Lawrence37 implies, that there are other contributions to Rawtherapee;

  • For Rawpedia, the Spanish and English version of Wavelet was made after several months of exchanges between myself and @XavAL , @Wayne_Sutton , including the concept of “Attenuation response” (of course being myself one of the main developers who worked on wavelet, I do not appear in Rawpedia).

  • For Rawtherapee, @heckflosse does not appear in Rawpedia, but whether it is for “Local adjustments”, “Wavelet”, etc. his contribution has been major, as well as other developers including @floessie , and @Lawrence37, etc…

  • And I recall again the very important role played by @Wayne_Sutton for all the tools and documentation of the English version (titles, tooltips,…, rawpedia) to which I contributed.



Just a quick update.
I’m still going to write this, but I’ve been tied up this past week or so.

We are not going to get anywhere until I can reach the owner of the domain rawtherapee.com.
As I understand it, Gabor still own the domain name.
So I switched to finding Gabor as the others have gone missing. I believe I’ve found him and sent him an email a few minutes ago to check. If it is him I’m going to ask him to transfer the domain to me and I’ll see about migrating the web stuff into our infrastructure (assuming @darix has time to walk through some of it with me).

Once we do that we can publish the post as well as new release information again. Fingers crossed.


Another quick update. I located Gabor and have emailed with him.

I haven’t tested yet but he has offered access to the hosting provider for the site and we will probably migrate the hosting to our infrastructure here in a little while (when I get off my lazy ass to sit down with @darix and learn a couple of things).

I did ask if he wanted to transfer the domain to us but it seems that he would like to keep control if possible. That’s totally fine with me but I will see if he’d be willing to share access or something just in case in the future - or perhaps just keep in touch which would also work.

I’m shifting gears to try and write some more this week!


Three of the new features do not have documentation in RawPedia, so I will try to explain them here. The other ones I hope are sufficiently documented. Let me know @patdavid if you think otherwise. I’m not an expert at all the new features, but will try my best to fill in any gaps.

Full-Screen/Detached Inspector

In the preferences, the full-screen inspector can be activated. When enabled, the inspector tab on the right panel of the file browser no longer appears. Instead, it is invoked by hovering the cursor over an image, then pressing and holding the f key. A new window will appear showing the entire embedded image in full-screen. Letting go of the f key will close the inspector window. Alternatively, pressing and holding Shift-f opens the inspector with the image at 100% zoom.

Clicking anywhere inside the inspector window while it is open will pin it. This allows further inspection of the image by panning (click-and-drag) and zooming (scrolling). Pressing f or Shift-f will fit the image to the window and zoom to 100%, respectively. The pinned inspector behaves like a normal window. This means it is possible to toggle the full-screen status, resize it, and move it around. The inspector can even be placed on a different screen for multi-monitor setups.

The detached inspector retains the image navigation of the tabbed inspector. By moving the cursor over the thumbnails in the file browser, one can inspect various regions of the image or switch between images.

Improved Film Negative

Film Negative made its appearance in RawTherapee 5.7. It inverts raw images of film negatives while accounting for the light response properties of film. Film Negative has been revamped to solve some of its shortcomings. The preview updates quicker when making adjustments, and a raw image is no longer required to enable the tool. Consequently, Film Negative now lives in the Color tab.

White balance has been split into two parts. The first stage involves setting the proper white balance of the backlight using the standard White Balance tool. Following the inversion process, the white balance of the scene recorded in the film can be adjusted within the Film Negative tool.

Dual-Demosaic with Bilinear

Several dual-demosaic options already exist in RawTherapee. They blend the results of two demosaicing algorithms together, using the one better suited for fine details on high-contrast areas of the image, and the one better suited for smooth regions on low-contrast areas.

Bilinear demosaicing is a fast method that produces good results for smooth regions. Three new dual-demosaic options combine bilinear demosaicing with AMaZE, RCD, and DCB.


@Lawrence37 ,
Full-Screen/Detached Inspector is a very nice feature! To complete the doc it might be helpful to add that closing the tagged inspector windows needs clicking ‘Escape’ (that’s what I found out…).