Rawtherapee wont delete raw images?

Hi! Rawtherapee wont delete Nikon raw images If I move them in the program to the trash and remove it. Deleted raw images remain in the original folder. In previous versions, this worked well. Now it’s slowing down the image processing because I want to keep the selected raw raw files.

Rawtherapee version is the latest stable.

Will they delete other raw files in the same folder?

Are you sure you have filesystem permission to delete images?

What OS and version? From the OS disk or from SD card?

I have not tested any other raw files because the only camera is Nikon D3300. Rights should be okay because raw images are always in the Windows downloads folder and I am Administrator. (I move them from camera to downloads folder)

System is Windows 10 64-bit

Rawtherapee looks like removing them but does not disappear from the Downloads folder

There is no version called “latest stable”. Which version are you using?

See: http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/The_File_Browser_Tab#Deleting_Files

Version is 5.1 (64-bit and no RC).

Your link

“Using the Trash Bin”

Yes I use this way to delete selected raw files from my hard disk. But even if the RAW files are removed from the program (trash bin), they will not exit the hard disk

“Deleting From the Hard Drive”

And this does the same. The raw files are deleted from the program but not from the hard disk.

No any errors, just no remove raw files from hard drive.

Same for me until I tried: delete (trash) file >view trash (via toolbar icon) >delete trash contents permanently (via trash toobar icon on left of trash list)
=in Rawtherapee 5.8 (in Linux Lubuntu 20.04)