RawTherapee workflow - preview and rate images in filebrowser


hello guys!

I just came across raw therapee to manage and edit my raws, but i can’t figure out one step in workflow. At the beginning, I’d liked to click trough my images and rate them. Later, I’d edit those, I rated high. But I can’t find any possibility to view my images in a large scale in filebrowser. Is there an option to view them big in filebrowser, or is there a better way doing this workflow?

thanks for your help,

(Flössie) #2

Hi Valentin,

see the Inspect Tab in the file browser, marked with a yellow “7” on the RawPedia page.



Hi Floessie!

Thanks for your help!
…but what I’d liked to have is something between the thumbnails and the inspect tab. On the inspect tab, the picture is super zoomed. Is there a possibility to make it smaller, so I can view the whole image.
I’d just liked to see the images one by one in a screen filling size and rate them.


(Morgan Hardwood) #4


Ah okay…so there really doesn’t exist such a feature yet?
So how do you guys do the workflow of selecting the good pics for editing then?

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

Do you DAM in a DAM program.

My preferred tool for culling is Geeqie.

(Flössie) #7

Mine, too.

(Olaf Berthelsen) #8


This Geeqie tool doesn’t exist in the Windows world, does it?

In some cases you can review the Raw image using the build in Windows 10 tools, but colors, light and shadows are not reliable and rating is not possible.

What is needed is a quick browsing tool (RT is too slow) that can display, and allow you to rate, the JPEG image contained in the Raw file in such a way that RT inherit the rating. Is this possible?

(Mica) #9

Sure, it is possible for any tool to write to RT’s pp3 sidecar file, but most don’t support such a thing.

What applications have you tried on Windows? IrfanView seems popular.

(Morgan Hardwood) #10

Another option is to use RawTherapee’s “Fast Export” to quickly convert all raws to JPEGs fit for your screen, using auto histogram matching. In fact, that’s better than relying on the embedded JPEG, which Geeqie and most other viewers do.

(Olaf Berthelsen) #11

Hi’ paperdigits

Tank you for your reply to my post.

Until now I have browsed the Raw images using windows and opened the photos I like in the RT Editor after having rated the photo in the Browser.

Having followed the discussion in this post I realize that this may not be the (best) way to do it. I will try Infraview.

(Olaf Berthelsen) #12

Hi’ Morgan_Hardwood

Reading the first post in this thread I actually thought of the possibility of doing a fast export and then browse the resulting jpegs. This could be a good option using the new auto-matched feature which is really awesome!

Is fast export that fast? I will give it a try.


IrfanView does not support XMP metadata (yet?). It can read EXIF and write IPTC only. For rating and tagging, XnViewMP could be more useful, although it isn’t as fast as Irfan.

(Olaf Berthelsen) #14

Hi’ again

The result is as follows:
Doing a standard fast export of 32 26MB NEF files takes 70 sec. on my HP Notebook with a i7 processor and a SSD disk.

Processing the same 32 NEF files not using the fast export option runs for 153 sec.

So fast export is faster, but the result of the normal (and fast) process is really very good and “reliable”, and you use your own profiles. Maybe you will have to be a photo freak to notice some small difference between this result and the result of further RT editing.


Thanks Morgan!

Geeqie does the job for me :slight_smile:
…seems to be a philosophical question if such a feature should be included in rawtherapee or if there should be an extra app to do that…but anyway. I’m happy now.

(Peter Lavender) #16

I use Digikam to tag and rate my images.

All images that make the cut get moved to a “filtered” sub folder.

From there I’ll open Rawtherapee and edit away.

When I need to start finding disk space, I can revisit the images that didn’t make it to filtered and make the final hard decision to delete the files.