Re: My question about Filmic highlight reconstruction

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DSC_4309.NEF (19.5 MB)

re: Don't see what 'reconstruct' tab in filmic-rgb is doing

The jpg has Color Calibration, Exposure, and Filmic with the Filmic module turned on, only. This is the “base” of a set of posts for comparing Filmic Highlight reconstruction, only. In the following posts, the Color Calibration and Exposure modules will be applied in exactly the same way.

DSC_4309_FilmicDefaults.NEF.xmp (6.9 KB)

DSC_4309_FilmicTexture.NEF.xmp (6.9 KB)

DSC_4309_FilmicStructure.NEF.xmp (6.9 KB)

My comments on this set of images:

The “Raw Over/Under Exposure” display showed mostly green and some red overexposure. So, to what I think I learned, the texture reconstruction side of the slider is what could be used to do a “good” job. But I see little difference. I guess it just goes to show, when it’ blown, it’s blown. :grimacing:

But the Structure reconstruction is not better, or not really even different.

I know, I need to take more time setting my camera and depend less on trying to fix broken photos.

Did you have highlight reconstruction set to clip. Setting it to reconstruct in Lch gives filmic more data to work with.

@Tim Remember to place your preview image first in the op. That way, the gallery view of the Play Raw category can pick it up.

That is an excellent question. I didn’t know of such a setting. I will check and reply back later, possibly even tomorrow. I’m in a bit of a rush, right now.

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And that is another thing I’m not aware of.

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