Reading and modifying FITS header with scripts

Just started using scripts to automate some of my workflow and they are great.
It would be useful to be able to read, modify and add FITS header values within the scripts and possibly create a filename using some of the header values too. Is this possible? I can’t find anything that would do that.

Hi, no it’s not possible. There are currently no variables in script, but that may come someday with the pysiril project, maybe @M27trogonondepomme can tell us more?

OK thanks. Didn’t know about that project. I have been doing the FITS header processing in Python so if the two can link that would be great.

pySiriL ( py thon SiriL ) is a python library to interface python to a SiriL script.

In this link on the WebAstro site, there are some examples of use:


Still struggling with FITS header data. Some FITS header data is missing once processed - not sure where int he process that happens. So in the final stacked image the OBJECT field is missing from the result file even though it’s exists within the individual frames. Is there a place to specify what FITS items get written or carried over?