really no chance for Gentoo and LUA scripts?

Hey you all,

I hope my titel does not make you “ooohhhhhhhhh” :slight_smile:

I read and tried to implement those:

  • I have LUA 5.2.4 (and now also lua-5.3.5) finally unmasked and successfully installed (and emerge @preserved-rebuild)
  • eselect lua list shows correct 5.2.4 as active (tried now also 5.3.5)
  • generated a local darktable .ebuild with Lua on (attached zip)
  • luarc in place (attached zip)

Finally I can neither make dt 2.6.2 (with lua-5.3.5 it does not compile even) nor git-master handle lua after all.
“darktable -d lua” brings no errors but finally there is no scrip visible…

eix darktable clearly shows the USE of lua

Installierte Versionen: 2.6.2[1](18:11:10 23.03.2019)(cups gphoto2 jpeg2k kwallet lua nls opencl openexr openmp webp -colord -doc -flickr -geolocation -gnome-keyring -graphicsmagick -pax_kernel CPU_FLAGS_X86=“sse3” L10N=“de -ca -es -fi -fr -hu -ja -nb -nl -pl -pt-BR -ru -sl”)
[1] “localrepo” /usr/local/portage

Really no chance? (2,3 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Try setting DONT_USE_INTERNAL_LUA to OFF in the CMakeLists.txt file in the toplevel darktable directory, then building and installing again.

That should let you use the internal lua interpreter

Hope this helps,


Dear Bill,

I did so for git-master and it still the same behaviour, no error messages but also no evidence for LUA being active (e.g. hugin, which I am heading at)


Is your luarc file $HOME/.config/darktable/luarc? If it is, then add

local dt = require “darktable”
dt.print_log(“lua is working”)

then start darktable from a terminal with the -d lua argument.

If that works, then you can get rid of those 2 lines and put in

require “contrib/hugin”

I do have a dt.print in my $HOME/.config/darktable/luarc and it does nothing (by that time lua 5.2 and 5.3, see below)…

There is another phenomenon: After I switched from gentoo’s standard lua 5.1 to 5.2 (and later 5.3), I got lot of machine freeze with MCE-errors, looking like hardware error. Beforehand my machine was working like a charm.

So currently I am back on lua-5.1 and rebuild dependencies (I know, from here lua is off :frowning: ) and observing whether or not my machine works stable again…

I am afraid, I have to give up here… :cry:

I tried it successfully some time ago by masking :0 Lua and installing slotted 5.3 instead. However that makes me to create new ebuilds in my local overlay for every new release of dt. At some point I decided that I don’t need lua that much… Lua situation in Gentoo is really a disaster…

That is exactly my situation too. Not only get Lua 5.3 running but need to tweak the ebuild :frowning:

But I consider some of the available scripts @ multimedia4linux.whatever as useful…

Funtoo allows user-defined patches for ebuilds via foobashrc package while Gentoo doesn’t. You might try to install this package from funtoo overlay and use it…

Other than bending my DIstro, I’d prefer dt could just accept lua 5.1 However, this has been refused on GitHub :-/

Yeah, it’s a step backwards, devs have a lot things to spend their time on instead. Lua on Gentoo generally has a complicated destiny for some unknown reason…