Recent GIMP Manual PDF ???


I have GIMP 2.10.6; however, the PDF manual that I have is ancient; it says GIMP User Manual 2007 and the latest revision is dated 2007.

Is this the latest version:

:Thus far, I cannot find any way to download it as PDF; can anyone point me in the right direction ?
If that one is not available, is a more recent version than the one that I have available in PDF ?
Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.


The best you will get at the moment in PDF format is the Gimp 2.8 help from

Searchable with an index. Redone earlier this year with the index at the front.

31 MB about 1000 pages


Thanks; that is a lot better than what I was finding.
Can you enlighten me on what the other choices on that page are ?

The reason I want PDF is so I can load it in my Kindle and read it wherever I may be.
Thanks again.