recommend budget micro 4/3 lens for wide-angle interior photography

I would like to expand the range of my micro 4/3 lenses for something suitable for capturing interiors, usually buildings or rooms that look nice in their entirety, instead of emphasizing some particular detail.

I don’t want to invest much, this is for fun. So while there are some spectacular lenses for 500+ euros, those are not what I am looking for.

I am wondering what focal length I should use too. I don’t have experience with fisheye lenses. I am not even sure I want a fisheye, if I want, can I fix the distortion back to more-or-less rectilinear in Darktable if I want to?

What I don’t mind: slight vignetting, manual focus, aperture down to f/2.8-ish.

I am looking at the Meike 7.5mm f/2.8, selling for around 135 euros. I can go above this is there is some significant advantage.

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if it’s wide enough the samyang 12mm f2 is nice and available for a very low price used, it’s an aps-c lens that they put a m43 mount on, it lets a lot more light in, it’s very good for shooting outside at 1/1000 at f5.6, maybe it’s also good for interiors…

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I don’t have experience with these but I read reviews and anecdotes (from people who own the lens). For a cheap 12mm the 7artisans f2.8 is a good one. I had good and bad experiences with the 12mm T1.6 SLR Magic as far as lens decentreing goes.

The current top of the pile lenses are the Laowa, 7.5mm 9mm and 10mm lenses. These are all rectilinear lenses and apparently amazing.

If you don’t mind second hand and really want a fisheye, the Samyang 7.5mm are plentiful.

If you can check for lens decentreing in person that’s the best way to get a good copy.

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