Recommended way of installing RPD on Fedora?

I tried:

sudo dnf install rapid-photo-downloader

and got:

nothing provides python2-notify needed by rapid-photo-downloader-

That version numbers looks suspiciously ancient. What’s the recommended way to install?

Use the install script from the website!

That doesn’t work. I get: error: the following arguments are required: tarfile

Hm. That’s because curl is grabbing an older version (or I already had an older version)

How am I supposed to download the script? If I click on the button, it just opens the script in google chrome.

Save the script and then run it.

Saving the script is the problem.

Wget works (curl doesn’t - not sure why)

As it says on the download page:

Save the file rather than opening it directly. You may need to first right-click on the link and choose the “Save Link As” option.

Hi, I have a similar problem. The install script fails when gcc’ing gphoto2 (please see attached log).

Strange thing is that /home/chabich/.ccache has no write restrictions as it’s owned by chabich.

Any ideas?

install.txt (11.0 KB)

Try sudo chown -R $USER ~/.ccache

@Christian_Habich did the solution I suggest fix the problem?

Oh, sorry for the late reply. Yes it helped. Many thanks for the quick reply!

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve added the fix to the install script.

If the program fails to launch on your instance of Fedora 29 with the message that PyQT5 sip cannot be found (or words to that effect), then run this (without sudo):

pip3 install --user --upgrade PyQt5 PyQt5_sip

This latter issue will be fixed in 0.9.14.