Recover deleted image?

I am panicking. I was experimenting with the program and accidentally deleted an image through “delete with output from queue” thinking I was just deleting the queue and now the image I was working on is gone completely from my folders. Is there a way to recover it!? This was an extremely important image to me and I no longer have it on my camera’s memory card to recover it that way.

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First thing to do is not touch the SD card (i.e., delete or make new photos). The more you use the card, the higher the chance you will overwrite the data, making it harder to recover.

I suggest you use

to save files, deleted or still browse-able. The names and metadata of the files might be mangled but at least you can rescue the images.

If you are tech savvy, you might consider doing an image backup of the whole card, before you restore your files, so that you have even more protection.

Thank you.

So the card has already been completely cleared. No new images have been put on it, but it’s been a bit since everything was deleted from it. For the recovery, would I need to try to recover the image from that card or would it be best to go through where it was copied/saved on my computer? I’ve never had this happen before. I was completely blindsided that it was going to remove the image completely from my hard drive without a trace.

Nevermind, figured it out. Thank you!! I got the image back!

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Should be in the system trash can, no?

I clarified the file deletion strings: