Red eyes removal?

Any solution for the red eyes??

Chloramphenicol works quite well.


Move flash further away from camera.


GIMP too :slight_smile:


As regards Gimp, you can take a look at G’MIC as well:
red eye-attenuation filter

In addition, you can try Digikam.
A new improved tool was added since 5.2 version:

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I really don’t want to advertise (especially as we’re on open source here and the the book is not for free), but there’s a really good book about photographic ligthing (google for Light Science and Magic to find it). Sometimes you have to pay for good stuff (as I did in this case).


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Having a D7000 with pop-up flash, I occasionally get it with certain subjects. My niece has big, bright red pupils in the photos I shot of her maternity shower. I tried a bunch of tools, but most were rather draconian, e.g., color the entire area gray, or somesuch. So, I wrote a redeye tool for my raw processor that allows selection of the eye center, then works its way out to a radius doing the following for each pixel:

  1. compute the average of the G and B tones
  2. if the R tone is 1.5 times greater than that average, replace the R with the GB average value.

In a working color space where no single color dominates, this works quite well to render a pupil that retains some highlight. It’s in rawproc 0.6, which I’m going to release in a week or two. If you want a compile-from-scratch adventure, you can clone the master branches from here:

GitHub - butcherg/rawproc: Raw camera and general image processor - the GUI program
GitHub - butcherg/gimage: Simple image loader/reader/manipulator for raw, jpeg, tiff, and png - the image library, in gimage.cpp, line 2000, you’ll find the C++ function.

Here’s before-and-after clips:


Public domain pic.

With two spots using the newlocallab branch of RawTherapee 5.2

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Red-eye effect [CC BY-SA 2.5 (, GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], by Drew Dexter (User:Ich), from Wikimedia Commons

Another example of RawTherapee newlocallab branch.

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Where can I download this branch?

There are various development-series builds here for mac and windows including newlocallab.

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Thank you so much HIRAM!

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Good technique, adapted it to Gimp. Not very hard to script, either.