Reduce ink intensity?

I am still playing (please read: performing serious experiments) with printer profiles, and for every week, I make some small improvements. So far, I have been concentrating on ICC profiles, but yesterday, life became a bit more complicated, when I discovered the importance of ink intensity.

I use an interesting test image, having three saturated cyclamen flowers, ranging from a sheer cerise to a deep, warm red. They are tricky to print, indeed.

Best result, so far, is obtained when I manage to reduce intensity, through the print driver’s Save ink option, a feature that I have just found in Turboprint.

Are there other apps/drivers for the Linux world that would allow us to reduce ink intensity?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hi Claes,
I think the ink intensity ( ink density??) would have to be the same as that used when you print the chart profile.
I play with it when I try to find the better ink density which doesn’t blood or go underside…after it’s the same when I make the profile and when I print.


FWIW, here are 2 charts I was sent when I profiled a printer, for determing ink density setting, and yes, you need to use it for printing the calibration samples. It’s a trade off between strong colours and losing detail. You check the white symbols in black squares, and if losing the detail to black, you may decide to do less ink etc.

I’ll upload again -

@RawConvert Thank you – but unfortunately “the image(s) could not be loaded”?

Also: which apps/drivers do you use to set ink density?


For Epson printers, at least in part, the amount of ink laid down is based on the paper type setting. I’m sure there some technical setting that really controls how much ink is laid down, but it is exposed via paper type to the end user. There might be more settings in the advanced dialog, depending on your printer.

Have uploaded again, but still bad. However on my win7 PC I can right click, open in new tab, then open or save. The Open then displays ok! Haven’t tried saving.


, the epson R2400 had a specific setting somewhere for amount of ink, but I can’t remember where exactly, probably the epson driver.

with the specifics of paper maker for printer/paper I print various strips of this and I control for blooding or ink soaking through the paper or puddling on the surface.


Odd: the second image arrived properly in my mail – but not here.
Ping @patdavid?


I’ll have a look tomorrow when I get a moment - sorry for any weirdness!

just curios … which fileformat were those 2 files you uploaded there?

They are tiff