Registration reference photo

Hey Team,

I always use the OSC_Preproccesing method on Scripts. Is there a way in Sril to set a registration reference photo, to align everything off from? Please do let me know.

Also to add, I am working with X-Trans FAR files, please let me know if there are any useful settings I should tick or change. Thank you


To set reference image, don’t use scripts. Do the job manually.
You will control every steps.

right so how Would I do it manually?

in the sequence tab, open the image list and in the new window you can change the reference image by selecting it and clicking on the button at the top of the window

Thanks, Team,

Is there a way to add to the script to always pick up the 5th image as the reference frame?
Doing the entire stacking/registering process manually is time-consuming. I find it easier to run the script and walk away.

The only reason I’ve stumbled upon this issue is that, frame by frame my target is moving to the left of the frame. Start of the seq, the target is at centre and getting to the end of the seq, the target is at the far left, So I think Siril is having issues with the stacking.

( I think my tracker ran out of battery) Hense why I want to choose reference image as one of the first images. Because Currently Siril is failing.

There is a setref command that does what you want.

so on my OSC_Preprocessing script, where and how do I add this

*setref sequencename image

and tell it to pick up image 5 for example or the exact image name. My scripting is quite limited. Please do let me know. Thanks, Heaps

Insert this line before the line that starts with register near the end:

setref pp_light 4

the 4 above is the index of the image in the sequence, which starts at 0, not the file name, so it’s the fifth image.


did a test run, and it appears that the line is added correctly. But I seem to be getting this error

11:59:35: Running command: setref
11:59:35: This command can only be used when a sequence is loaded.
11:59:35: Error in line 62: ‘setref pp_light 4’.
11:59:35: Exiting batch processing.
11:59:35: Setting CWD (Current Working Directory) to ‘/Volumes/One Touch/Stacks/Liberty:Carina.iso1250.135mm.f2 20 sec’
11:59:35: Script execution failed.

I forgot to answer this, sorry. It has been fixed in the previous version, 0.99.8. You can get the new 0.99.10 and do it.