rejecting consecutive images in 3.2 not working ?

Is anyone else running 3.2.1 (or possibly 3.2.0) that is experiencing the issue below please ? It’s the first time I’ve complied darktable from source so the issue may be mine.

The issue is using lighttable to reject consecutive images.

[edited - lighttable set to display everything except rejected photos]

  1. In lighttable in ungrouped mode use “w” to preview.
  2. Reject an image (say a raw file) by hitting “r”.
  3. The image rejects successfully and automatically moves onto the next image (the matching jpeg). It definitely moves onto the jpeg as you can see the file extension in the overlay.
  4. If you then reject the jpeg it unrejects the previous raw file rather than the jpeg you are previewing, plus it doesn’t move you onto the next image.

The issue also happens in the standard lighttable view when not previewing an image i.e. mouse over the raw, reject it and it rejects successfully, the jpeg is now under the mouse, reject the jpeg and it unrejects the raw.

If you reject the raw then use the arrow keys to jump from the jpeg to the next raw then back to the jpeg you can reject the jpeg successfully.

This all works fine in 3.0.2.

I tried it on the 3.2.1 build I made recently. It actually has nothing to do with JPGs. If you reject a photo, and you have lighttable set to display everything except rejected photos, then the rejected photo will disappear and next photo in the sequence will be highlighted, whether it by a JPG or just the next RAW. Pushing “R” again will not reject the newly highlighted photo, it will bring back the first photo you just rejected. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not.

Normally if I am culling photos, I would set the view to show photos with exactly 1 star, then hit the number keys to promote the photo (eg. set it to 2 stars) or reject it. Either way the photo I just tagged would drop away and the next photo would be selected for the next decision. However, setting a photo to 2 stars when lighttable is set to show photos with stars=1 only, caues that photo to disappear, but the next photo isn’t selected for tagging.

So, I think the usability may have been impacted by the lighttable rewrite in darktable 3.2. Maybe this is something we should check with the developers, and see how these sorts of culling/tagging workflows should be handled from now on.

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