Release of G'MIC 1.6.7

G’MIC version 1.6.7 has been released!


Plug-in for GIMP:

G’MIC Online:


This post contains the Changelog of the G’MIC project, since the latest stable version (i.e. version
Note that the version number of G’MIC has now only 3 digits. Releases of G’MIC and CImg will be synchronized from now, and they’ll have the same version number.

New features:

  • [all] New native command -patchmatch that is able to find a correspondence map between two images, by comparing their respective patches.

  • [all] When updating a variable value in G’MIC (ouside the math parser), you can now use the math operators +=,-=,…<<=,>>= for numeric variables (the same as in C).

  • [all] Embedded math parser can now get/set pixel values of any images in the list, with new expressions w#ind,…,i[#ind,x,y,z,…).

  • [all] New command -syntexturize_patch and associated GIMP filter Pattern / Resynthetize texture [patch-based]. This command re-synthetize an input texture to an output image of arbitrary size.

  • [gimp] New filter in GIMP plug-in : Black & White / Freaky B&W which resolves a Poisson equation to do color to B&W conversion.


  • [all] Math parser has been slightly optimized (particularly for Windows).

  • [all] Displaying a big volumetric image with the interactive window is now slightly faster.

  • [all] Interactive data viewers for images, 3d objects and function plots have the option not to return when the user press a key on the interactive window (enabled by default).

  • [all] When displaying an image, mouse wheel now activates zoom in/out (instead of CTRL+wheel) before. To go up/down, use CTRL+wheel (instead of wheel before).

  • [all] Replacement of expression $? is now done at the very last time, when needed. This avoids creating temporary strings that won’t be used most of the time.

  • [gimp] The plug-in update system now looks for updates less frequently (once a week).

Bug fixes:

  • [all] Fix bug in tiff loading for images with bitpersamples==4.
  • [all] Fix small bug in command -warp when used with warping fields having more than 3 channels.
  • [all] Command -watershed now propagates float-valued labels correctly (was rounding them before).
  • [all] Reading 1bits-per-sample binary tiff images now works as expected.

First saw this one at GIMPChat (also found out I was using pre-release; lol). Like the ethereal like result for certain type images David. :smile:

gmic cli and gmic plugin for Mac users

I have prepared a a git build dmg under MacOS 10.11 El Capitan. It is a dmg similar to Yosemite, still without zart (qt5 problems).

Actually I have no access to MacOS 10.9 Mavericks and older. I would appreciate if users could test if this build is functional for the older OS versions.

Download El Capitan build

I was just reminded of a, probably long standing, bug in -select:

Any key it does not recognize results in -select instantly exiting.
The most common example of this, for me, is:
Normally, if I want to move a window, I will hold Hyper (otherwise known as ‘left windows key’) and drag.
Or, if the window is not a suitable size, I will hold Hyper down and middle-button-drag to resize it.

With -select, neither of these operations work, because it will exit as soon as I press Hyper.

In certain other window managers, windows may be moved by Alt+dragging, which is also a problem: -select exhibits the same behaviour with Alt as it does with Hyper. Shift is also affected.
Therefore I suggest that an appropriate fix could be to ignore all keyboard events relating to modifier keys, besides the ones that are actually used by -select.

EDIT: actually, I’m pretty sure this relates to all visualization commands, eg -plot, -display, -display3d, and probably others.

There is a more serious bug relating to tiling window managers I also noticed, but that’s a little more complex, so I’ll report it on Github if that’s ok?

That was an intended behavior actually.
Indeed, it allows you to write your own custom commands using -select and still be able to catch key events happening during the selection process.
Maybe I should disable this by default and make it available only when one argument of -select is enabled.

I think that would be good. It would make -select etc more explorable. I guess current -select works okay for WMs that decorate windows (titlebars, borders w/resize handle, etc), but for those that don’t, it’s not practical to resize or move the window at all.

You are right. Latest code commits add possible option exit_on_anykey to the commands -display, -display3d, -plot and -select to allow a better control on the interactive viewers. This option is disabled by default, so the user can press keys over the interactive window without making it close.
Will be available in version Thanks for the suggestion!

  • 10/23/2015 : Final release!
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What would be cool is to have a feature that allows you to use a target template and source image to create renders like I use Resynthesizer to create crop circles and corn mazes. Also, is there a possibility to get the re-synthesized texture to be seamless (and option if you will)? Yes; I asketh for too mucheth. lol


Ich mache mich an die Arbeit. :grin:

Thanks for the new release!
Just in case anybody is using the Slackware Linux, here is my SlackBuild script to compile the G’Mic 1.6.7 – a standalone ‘gmic’ program as well as the Gimp plugin, for both, the gimp-2.8 and gimp-2.9 (if 2.9 is installed)