Release of G'MIC 2.7.0

If you decide to translate your filters in several languages, then use #@gui_xx rather than #@gui to declare your filters, where xx is the 2-char string of the locale (e.g. fr or en).
It is then simple to link each of this filter with a different command, where you can set a $_locale variable that can be used in the main filter code afterwards.
Something like this:

#@gui_fr Mon filtre : fx_test_fr, fx_test_fr
#@gui_it Mon filtro : fx_test_it, fx_test_it
#@gui_en My filter : fx_test_en, fx_test_en
fx_test_fr : _locale=fr fx_test
fx_test_it : _locale=it fx_test
fx_test_en : _local=en fx_test

fx_test : 
  if '$_locale '=='it' error "Italian error"
  elif '$_locale'=='fr' error "French error"
  elif '$_locale'=='en' error "English error"

Another website quibble: link on the main page gives Firefox the chills.


Thanks, I’ll fix this. The CImg website does not accept https at the moment.

gmic pairs 1 tic with 1 toc.

gmic tic tic sp tiger toc sp tiger toc

Would it be simpler to allow multiple tocs per tic?

gmic tic sp tiger toc sp tiger toc

I am sure that there is a reason for why it is the way it is…

tic toc? Confuzzled

Imported commands from other *.gmic files don’t have their #@cli, #@gui, etc., tags acknowledged. Would be convenient if we could have all of the commands behave the same way regardless of their location.

I brought this up before regarding the GUI plugin not picking the commands on update. But the same is true for the CLI.

E.g., help info only comes from update*.gmic and user.gmic. In order for it to work, I would have to copy over my custom command to user.gmic. It is bothersome because I prefer certain commands to reside in other files.