released vkdt 0.5.2

this weeks bugfix release: 0.5.2: Release 0.5.2 · hanatos/vkdt · GitHub

copy of the changelog:

  • fixes copy/paste history hotkeys in lighttable mode
  • fixes feedback connector creation in node editor (for animations, hold shift to connect output from last frame to input of modules)
  • fix spurious crash in node editor when disconnecting nodes
  • fix atomic support detection for amd devices (though it generally seems only the amdgpu-pro driver works)
  • fix backspace hotkey in files view to go up one directory
  • allow to enter darkroom mode even for broken cfg files
    (so the user can go and fix it in the gui)

also there’s an oldschool irc channel now (#vkdt on for the hopeless terminal users such as myself.


This software is still incredible. I show it to every photographer I know, even if just for the gasp that my laptop with a meager GPU (just an nvidia M1000M) can still edit so nice and quickly.

That timesave really adds up when I’m making timelapses, and it certainly helps when I get stupid ideas to programmatically mess with a sequence. Thanks for the great work; after I’m done reviewing some beginner texts for some programming I have to teach, I’ll learn C and request some pulls. See you on IRC!

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