Remove hot pixels on .jpg (using retouch?)

Hi there,
I am new to darktable and I have a series of pictures that show a lot of hot pixels, all in the same locations.
The images are .jpg, so I cannot apply the hot pixels module to remove them, since it only works on RAW images.

Hence, my first question is:

  • is there an automated way in DT to remove hot pixels on non-RAW images?

I thought, I had an ok solution: I removed the worst dots in one image using the retouch module.
I then created a style including the retouch and applied it to another image of my series.
However, the retouch - although appearing in the new image’s history - was not applied and hence did not remove the hot pixels.

That leads to my second question, in case the first brings no solution:

  • (How) Can I apply my manual retouch spot healing from one image to another? Manually removing all hot pixels in >400 images is no option.

In case it matters: I am running DT 3.8.1 on Ubuntu 22.04

I’d appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

How about some kind of low-pass filter/blur, with drawn masks covering just the bad pixels? The idea would be to blend them with the surroundings.
3.8.1 is quite dated, but I assume you are aware of that.

Why limit yourself to dt? What about GIMP?

Thanks for the reply!
The question is, if that would be applicable as style to new images. My approach with retouch worked well until I was unable to convey it to other images. So I wondered, whether I am missing something obvious there.

It would have suited my work flow so I thought I’ll see, if there is an easy fix in dt that I, as newbie, am just not aware of.

But if there is no easy way, GIMP is probably a good alternative, thanks!
I haven’t worked with GIMP much as well. Do you have a specific tool in mind and know, that it would work for my use case?

Maybe via G’MIC? They have a hot-pixel filter:

To issue a command:

You could also use it from Gimp, but if you have many images, the command-line is a better approach, I think.

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