Remove long distance haze

Distance between camera and subject in this shot was 7 to 10 km (don’t remember exactly) of water (so very humid air) which leads to haze.

Here’s the RawTherapee neutral output

And here’s the output 4 steps later

.pp3 follows later. First I would like to see what others can do with it :wink:


D200_20070802_2088.NEF (7.5 MB)
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ART: black point compensation, tone curve, tone equalizer, local color correction, local contrast

And still a lot of details!


D200_20070802_2088.NEF.xmp (12.3 KB)

Blackpoint, tone curve, local contrast, retinex. Also awhile ago I saw something about a poor mans dehaze feature in development and I think that would probably work well on this photo.

dehazed.png.out.pp3 (13.5 KB)

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long.distance.haze.pp3 (16.8 KB) RawTherapee 5.8-2750-g6ad419f18

This is a very nice image to play with! You could spend hours tweaking, changing and getting to know what it is that modules can('t) do.

It is difficult to get some more details, ‘punch’ if you like, in the top left part of the image. Brightening the whole shot doesn’t feel natural to me, but I do tend to keep my edits on the somewhat darker side.

Thanks for sharing this one!


Thanks for posting , a nice saturday challenge
DT 3.4

D200_20070802_2088.NEF.xmp (15.2 KB)

beautiful light

for me it’s actually two pictures …

Remove long distance haze_D200_20070802_2088

Remove long distance haze_D200_20070802_2088.NEF.xmp (10.3 KB)


Remove long distance haze_D200_20070802_2088_01

Remove long distance haze_D200_20070802_2088_02

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This is a very nice picture and while processing, i learned a lot from this. In my try, I wonder the reddish color of the water here, it didnt look like this in RT or other viewers on my calibrated monitor…
D200_20070802_2088.NEF.pp3 (14,0 KB)



D200_20070802_2088.jpg.pfi (36.6 KB)

(Colour adjustment + local contrast + Richardson-Lucy deconvolution)


Thanks a lot for this image, @heckflosse! It showed me, how stupid my default CBDL levels are (were) :thinking: … they smeared away all the details in the wood. PlayRaw really is a great place to learn.

D200_20070802_2088_RT-3.jpg.out.pp3 (14.6 KB)


Instead of posting a .pp3 for my edit from op, here’s what I did in RawTherapee

Raw black levels
Red: 239
Green: 530
Blue: 477

Enabled Haze Removal


good catch. Poor man dehaze simply tells you some black levels in console, which you can try to use to initially dehaze the image. A bit of haze removal on top and the haze is gone.

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Impressive what can be recovered.

My try:

D200_20070802_2088.NEF.xmp (10.9 KB)

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I wanted to take a look at your edit, especially the red (not) showing up but your sidecar doesn’t load on my side. Everything except WB is turned off when I load your pp3

Can you re-upload it?

And before you ask: Yep, I’m on the latest development version (5.8-2750-g6ad419f18)

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@Jade_NL thanks for your request, for this edit i used dev-2711. In the meantime, i am quite sure, those reddish colouring depend of the weird RGB curves, i created.

D200_20070802_2088.NEF.pp3 (14,0 KB)

edit: i tried to load the sidefile in dev-2746 and it worked fine…

2nd edit: i was wrong… the haze removal tool shows a saturation of 100 % - i dont know why… instead of recognizing this, i used the rgb curves as a correction.

3rd edit: and the output profile was set to my monitor , not to sRGB…

so pls forget about my question above

@marter: :+1: This sidecar loads nicely.

Nice job on correcting the overlooked 100% saturation!

The red is baked into this version and is indeed colour management related.

Anyway; Nice edit!

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@Jade_NL thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe a bit lighter

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Edit: right with RT neutral profile, left with some simple processing


I had a look at a map. Distance was more in the 5 km range…