Remove multiple styles (bulk erase)

Is it possible to delete multiple styles? Like many users starting with dt I installed way too much styles I don’t need anymore. It’s quite time consuming to remove them one by one in the lighttable menu. It’s not possible to select more than one style…

Not from within darktable itself.

I don’t know how familiar you are with sqlite, but you can use it to remove entries from data.db. Not sure about other platforms, but using linux you can use sqlitebrowser to have a look around and maybe make a script to delete entries once you figured out the lay of the land (which is what I did).

I do have to add a warning here: Be careful when editing the data.db!! Do make a backup before you try and do not attempt this if all this is unfamiliar to you!

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I think I have bulk style deletion script… I’ll try to search for it.

Thanks, I used the portable sqlitebrowser and it worked without problems (I have worked with SQL a lot before).

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