Removing extension from file name

Is there a way to stop the saving of files with names like (filename.nef.pp3)?

Would prefer to just see .pp3 after the file name, if possible. Maybe it could be an option in preferences.

What would just having ‘.pp3’ be preferable to having ‘.ext.pp3’? I cannot really think of a good argument. Appending it to the full filename makes sure it always sorts after the original image in an alphabetically sorted file browser, irrespective of the raw file extension.

Plus if you has a jpg and a tiff with the same name, you may want to have different pp3 files for them.


I use IMatch for my DAM. Since my first post I have worked out the handling of these ‘.ext.pp3’ files which required some studying of the IMatch help system. It wasn’t so much the names of these files, but rather my confusion as to how to handle them when moving or deleting the master RAW.

The ‘.ext.pp3’ files are hidden in IMatch, but not in windows file explorer. I don’t work in file explorer, I work in IMatch. I have configured IMatch to move these files along with the master RAW. Likewise, they will delete when I delete the master RAW.

I would agree that for myself, a windows user, that there would be no reason for changing the naming convention that RT uses. I’m not sure how other platforms like Linux/UNIX-based open source software would handle these files.

The companion file (sidecar file) of a raw file for instance .nef is .pp3.

When you export, the exported file can be renamed, for instance .jpg. its companion file is named .jpg.pp3. It is moved, copied, deleted with the jpg file and and should notbe moved in my opinion with the master raw file.

I don’t export my files. Simply using the ‘save’ or ‘save as’ command works fine for me. Every file associated with the master RAW is in the same folder on my hard drive. That includes versions of the RAW like .jpg, .psd and all of the ,pp3 processing files. I would never delete a RAW file if I wanted to keep a version of it like a .jpg.

I respect your opinion and understand that this approach might not work for everyone. I can not think of a scenario where I would have to work in a different way.

Yes you are right, there are different workflows that work well for different people.

Perhaps you could program a script to remove “jpg.” for pp3 files

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are asking for. That said, I am not a programmer, at all.

Personally, I tend not to rename my files, but if you wish to, try Bulk Rename Utility. It is very handy for personal, private, non-commercial use. Support the dev if you like it. I do. Edit Not only is it powerful but it also shows you the changes before you accept them.