removing photos

Maybe my memory is failing me, but I seem to recall that it was possible to move photos out of the device when downloading them. I don’t see that feature anymore… I see there is a “Effacer les transfers terminés” option (in french, rough translation: “Remove completed transfers”), but that only hides the pictures that were already transfered - it doesn’t remove them from the card.

How do I automatically remove transfered images? Or how do I make raphodo move images instead of copying them?


Sorry this feature will be introduced after the consolidate photos and videos feature is written and proven to work. It might be a while, considering I have a thesis to write… basically I don’t anticipate much more than bug fixes until the fourth quarter of this year.

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@damonlynch, if/when you do implement this functionality, please make sure it is not the default, and make sure that it has a big chicken switch guarding it! Thanks!

It most definitely will not be the default. Considering the program now has no toolbar, I’m not even sure where on the UI the switch belongs.

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This is how it used to work in 0.4.11, the version still in Debian stable:

Clear and simple…

Is that the default GTK2 theme in Debian stable? It’s not exactly a good looking theme :open_mouth:

Probably I’ll put the move command as an option in the hamburger menu in a future version 1.x. Doesn’t seem to make much sense anywhere else.

yep. looks like hell.

well, you could keep the two buttons like the above…