Removing the darktable logo with CSS

Hi! I’d like to remove the darktable logo in the upper left corner of the application. No other application I use (except for Lightroom) has logo in the UI. I know I’m in darktable, so it’s just annoying/distracting. :slight_smile:

I’ve started darktable by running:

GTK_DEBUG=interactive darktable

I’ve used the Select an Object button under the Objects tab in the GTK Inspector to try to find it in the CSS. When I hover it it’s not “selectable” like every other part of the UI. Is it hard coded in some way?

Hardcoded, as far as I could see (start with a search for “idbutton” in the source).

Have you tried cycling through the Ctrl+Shift+T options (both in the lighttable and darkroom views)? Several of them hide the logo (but also other UI elements). Maybe there’s one that’s a good compromise?


That works (even if I’d rather get rid of it completely)! I still learn something new about darktable every day. Thanks!

There was a lua script at some point that did it for me, but it got nuked at some point after an update.

Thanks @anon41087856. Ctrl+Shift+T will do for now.