Removing unwanted items from Export menu

I just migrated digiKam from 5.9 to 6.0. There used to be a way to get rid of unwanted services under the Export dropdown menu. It has either been moved or disappeared altogether. Or, I could just not be seeing it altogether. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance for your help.

I remember having this option too. They moved away from kipi plugins to their own plugins in 6.0.0 though. So I guess that option was removed. There should be a way to compile digiKam without certain export plugins though. Anyways, the best place to get answers would be mailing list

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Thanks, I’ll ask the same question over there.

I received this reply:


6.0.0 is a transition version where plugins cannot be disabled. This feature will be restored in next 6.1.0, as you can see in this screenshot.

Note: 6.x do not use kipi-plugins anymore but a new plugin architecture. I will give more details at 6.1.0 release announcement.


Gilles Caulier

Thank you for the update Rick.

I hope you can live with few extra plugins in your export menu for now. I don’t think 6.1.0 will be released until July or so. I might be wrong though.

I’ll try to manage, somehow. :grin:

In all honesty, it was more important for me to find out what happened to that feature than actually using the feature itself. If that makes any sense.