Renaming duplicates

DT 3.2.1

I have a “bunch” of photos that I’m trying multiple variations. Each variation is a duplicate of the original then processing the duplicate instead of the original.

For one image, I have already 7 duplicates. I need to know what I did to each of the duplicates.

Is there a way of modifying the name of the duplicate to note what I did?

Or is there another way of identifying what’s what?


Yes, you can apply different metadata to each of the images, either within the metadata editor in the lighttable or in the ‘duplicate images’ module in the darkroom. The latter allows you to both name and view each of your duplicates.

In darkroom you will find duplicate manager and it allows you to rename each duplicate:


Is there a way of displaying the names I typed in the duplicate manager while browsing in the lighttable?


Yes. If you go into the settings in the metadata editor (gear icon) you can choose to show the ‘version name’ field.

It’s also displayed in the “image information” module

Perfecto! $(VERSION_NAME)

Is there a list of all the variables that could be used?

Thank you starting on line 184

Also (but I don’t know if that’s up-to-date)

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Excellent! Exactly what I was looking for

Thank you