Render RAW sequence into 10bit Prores?


I wonder is possible to render one sequence into 10bit proress (ffmpeg) to bypass the separate export process of all images and then import in editor.

I saw an older way but was only working for 8bit h264

Any ideeas?

Here is a sample footage that i captured with my smartphone and converted from Darktable:


I think you can automate the ffmpeg conversion, but I don’t think you can get around exporting files to disk from darktable.

there was an old lua script, but as i said was only for rendering images then making clip, i would like to bypass that, to render straight to prores file

I haven’t a clue about this really, but sounds like something @hanatos might be interested in?
vkdt handles video I think… apologies if I’m off the mark.

DT, is faster and faster and now that we can raw video capture, i found it much better raw processor then other video raw processor app, so yes i am looking for ways to improve this workflow.

I am sure should be possible to render from a DT raw Sequence directly into a ProRess (ffmpeg) container, without converting first into 8bit images or 16bit tiffs which takes a lot of space

That something is possible doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find someone willing to donate their time and effort to make it happen if it isn’t something they would need/use themselves. As mentioned, hanatos does have an interest in video, so that project may be more aligned with your needs.

Other than that I believe you can trigger a lua script after each image export so it might be possible to use ffmpeg to add it to a growing container and delete before starting the next export, meaning you wouldn’t have all images on disk at the same time. @wpferguson ?


I am sure i will find someone who will see the value in this…

I want to bypass this step of rendering sequences of images, when it could directly be transferred into a mov container.

Here is another sample processed with DT for RAW video purposes

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Out of interest, what format are the files from the camera in, and do you need to convert them before opening in dt? Results certainly look good.

right, vkdt has an ffmpeg output format you can select in the gui that will write h264 streams. it also reads .mov containers or magic lantern .mlv raw video for real-time display/processing in the gui, but it sounds like the image sequence mode is more what would be required by the op here? the raw loading module supports reading IMG_%04d.DNG kinda filenames and will load a bunch of images as animation. you can grade/keyframe this in the gui and then export to h264 via ffmpeg.

would be curious to hear how that works for you if you try. i suppose the ffmpeg output format might require some extra parameters exposed in the gui to write exactly the required format or so.

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dng files

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as i recall, i did tried that lua script in the past, but was not beneficial because it does something that i want to avoid…

I dont want to render images and after create the clip, what i want is to straight send from DT into mov container.

In this moment the workflow is: i am exporting as exr that can hold 16bit files where quality is lossless(but always needs more space and time), if i would choose jpegs quality would be limited to 8 bit which would be a fail.


I didn’t think vkdt used lua? @hanatos is talking about the new software vkdt, not darktable.

i understood, trying to find out what vkdt can do more. thanks

IS there any working example of this app? to understand more what it does?

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Yes, it is working… certainly on Linux at least.
I’ve used it, on a dual boot system, but I’m not at present.
It’s very fast but needs a GPU.

I’m no authority on it though!

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And its own category on the forum: vkdt -


thanks guys, i will check it out x

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