Rendering nested write nodes

Is there support for rendering nested write nodes via commandline execution? For instance, I have Write1 and Group1.Write1. How would I specify the Write1 node under Group1? If I try,
-w Group1.Write1
I get an error, " … cannot contain non alpha-numerical characters… "

I’m on Windows10 with Natron 2.4.3



As you noticed -w will not allow names including ., and you can’t reference group children without ..

The reason is Natron/CLArgs.cpp at a600f5a12ff20c31de238937dd8d29d3cda844bd · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub

It might be as easy as replacing makeNameScriptFriendly with makeNameScriptFriendlyWithDots, not tested. I can probably check later tonight.

As a workaround you can remove -w and all writers will run.

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Windows build with possible fix:

Thanks for sharing! I will try and take a look soon.