Rendering process remains all the time in "queued"

(Alexander) #1

Some system info first:
Natron version 2.3.14

Python 2.7.15
Qt 4.8.7 / 4.8.7
Boost 1_67
Cairo 1.14.12 / 1.14.12
Hoedown 3.0.7 / 3.0.7
Ceres 1.12.0
OpenMVG 0.9.0

OpenGL renderers:
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 from NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL version 4.6.0 NVIDIA 415.18 with GLSL version 4.60 NVIDIA

OS: Arch Linux

The issue
The project is really small. It just consists of 5 pictures, which are connected with merge and transform nodes. The last node is a writer-node. When I click on “Render”, the Progress tab is added and the redering process says “Queued” and it looks like rendering never really starts …

I already played around with different Codec. etc. but I have not glue how to find in a structured way a solution…

(Frédéric Devernay) #2

Try adding crop nodes after your transforms: There may still be a bug in Natron 2 where the writers try to render the whole RoD. Also check the RoD size when pluging the viewer right before the writer.

(Alexander) #3

Hi Fréderic,

thanks for your kind reply.
After each transform-node I added a crop-node. But no success (I also played around with the “Reformat” setting in the crop-nodes). Is there anything special regarding to set the right parameter-values in the crop nodes?

I also have/had some difficulties understanding the term RoD. It seems to be the area, which is getting displayed in the viewer-monitor-window. Is it also the same are which is getting rendered? Anyhow, the rectangular as a background has the largest size, which is the same as the output format in the project settings, which is also the same value displayed in the viewer-monitor as RoD.

BTW: it seems the size of the RoD is set automatically but based on what (based on the largest object)?

After playing around a lot, I observed following strange behaviour:
I deleted everything in the project just except one read-node (a picture), the viewer and one write-node (for rendering).

In parallel, I made a new project, just with the same read-node (same picture), plus one viewer and one write-node (also for rendering).

I made sure all node-parameters and preference settings where the same in both projects. So I should have two identical projects: both with the same nodes, settings. etc. Only that one project was stripped down from my “problematic” one and the other build up from the ground.

The project with all the deleted parts was still not rendering;
But the other one was doing fine. Again: Both had the same elements, both had the same parameters.
(I also click on all clear cache functions I could find).

And there was one more observation:
In the project which fails rendering: when I clicked on “Render”, the name-field of the read-node gets always activated/selected …(see screenshot). I also changed the order of the property nodes … and always the name-field of the read-node gets highlighted/activated/selected after clicking on render in the write-node. This behaviour I do not have, in the project build-up from the ground.