Reproducing Masks

The Gimp. 2.10.8 on Kubuntu

I have an image in GIMP that has a lot of layers.

For one of the layers, I hand drew a layer mask that I really like for this image. What is the most efficient way to duplicate that mask onto the other layers?

I just figured out how to use the “save selection to channel”, and then I can choose that channel when making a new mask.

But this particular mask is not black/white - there are some intermediate grays in it. So I would like to recreate this mask a bunch of times. Ideally, by saving the mask to a channel that I could apply to masks on other layers. Is there a way to do this? I am still not used to working with channels yet, so not sure how to manipulate them.

I know I can copy/paste, but that takes a long time since the image is so high-res, plus it’s easy to screw up if you don’t have the selection correct, correct layer selected, etc…

Thank you!

Channel to selection or Mask to selection, then switch to your other mask and fill or paint it in.

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Thanks. I right clicked the Mask in the layers dialog, “Mask to selection” Then “Selection to channel.”

This let me reproduce the mask on all the other layers just by choosing the correct channel.

I did not think “mask to selection” would work that well, because of the “in between” values. Apparently, GIMP accounts for that somehow, so the middle gray and other gray parts of the mask were preserved when I chose “mask to selection.”

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