Request: Add option to change font for the console

It seems that there is no way to change font in the console. This is not a big deal in English, default font looking clear and distinctive. But in Chinese, the default serif font looks hazy with dense strokes. And the two languages seem a little incompatible. I do have some fonts that display both English and Chinese better. Can we have an option to customise the font?

Hello. First, thx for all the translation work you’ve done.

Then, Do you know which fonts would be great? I think the issue here is the “mono” style. However, this is something I want in the console for a better display. But maybe there is a better mono font?

I definitely agree that mono fonts look good for display.

Since mono fonts are often used in programming-like fields and most programming languages look like English, there aren’t, and there won’t be, many mono fonts that make Chinese strictly aligned to English. Besides, the aspect ratio of each Chinese character is 1:1 (Chinese is always “mono”), while each mono English letter is not exactly 1:2. This is a hindrance to developing universal mono fonts, which either cause Chinese to be narrow or English to be sparse. So, I can’t really name one.

However, if I don’t need Chinese to be strictly aligned to English, things become much easier. I simply mixed an English font JetBrains Mono with a compatible Chinese font FZYouhei (or 方正悠黑 in Chinese), and it looks not bad. It may cause some copyright issues if this kind of mixed font is built into the software. That’s why I need the option to customise the font.

This is what that mixed font looks like (on the left), with the default font next to it as a comparison.

I’m not sure why we need to mix 2 fonts.
I’m ok to find a mono fonts that could work for both languages. But this font must be free and open-source.