[REQUEST] fix GitHub license settings

Hi there, NATRON is awesome !

Since we’ve collected it in our HyMPS project (under Non-Linear Video Editors section), can you please set licensing terms in your official git ?

Our “problem” is that the badge service generates a wrong “NOASSERTION” claim.
Check it out: https://flat.badgen.net/github/license/NatronGitHub/Natron/?label=LICENSE

If can help, here’s an example of a correct GPL v2 license file for GH:

Thanks in advance.

This is a problem with the badge service, not Natron. The badge service apparently chokes if a project dares to use LICENSE.txt instead of LICENSE

Natron does include a license ( Natron/LICENSE.txt at RB-2.5 · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub ), and github’s own license tools properly detect this.

If a repo has a different name than LICENSE for the license, they (github) do not try to parse and detect license, probably the reason third-party stuff “breaks”.

Anyway, probably something we could fix, but not an priority (and could break some scripts we have, don’t remember).

Natron is not an NLE.

github is parsing and detecting the license just fine (the “view license” link on the right works correctly), it’s just this third party “badge service” that fails.

No, then the text would be “GPL v2 etc etc”. All GitHub knows is that we have a license file, not the content, because it does not parse it. If you click the license file the GitHub generated license header is also missing (would be present if GitHub parsed the file).

@rodlie is right, GH does not parse Natron license correctly.

Check it out:

Should be:

Thanks anyway for your attention !

note: moved Natron into Video Composers subcategory, thanks !