Request for changes to Drop Shadow.

Currently, by changing the parameters X-Shadow, Y-Shadow (“+” down, "- "up)?, Angle we modify the position of the object.
The wish concerns the version with the possibility of choosing the color of the shadow and modifying the shadow itself (without changing the position of the source image).

Even in the absence of any comment, some conclusions can be drawn - everyone likes the operation of this filter.
Well, not everything should follow Gegl Long Shadow where Angle only applies to the shadow and does not modify the position of the object.

I didn’t comment, but I think the drop shadow filter in G’MIC should be updated.
Anyway, I don’t have time to manage it right now. I keep the idea in my poor brain though.

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FYI, I’m currently re-implementing command drop_shadow from scratch, as well as the corresponding filter for G'MIC-Qt. Wish me luck :slight_smile: !

Good luck ! :grinning:

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There seems to be an issue with the expanding with negative offset settings :

Fixed with

Filter upload should be ready in a few minutes.


I know there is an option to bend the shadow, but i wonder if there should also be an option to bend the image (probably the inverted shape of the shadow) ?

New problem


Sorry - it works fine in G’MIC version 3.3.2_pre#23110315