Request for help translating from French to English

(G'MIC staff) #1

Hello there,

As you might have noticed, I’ve released a new G’MIC version 2.2.0 today. On this occasion, I have also written an article (originally in French), to summarize all the new features added to G’MIC since the latest major release (was 2.0.0). I’ve already submitted this article to the French website LinuxFR that publishes news about free and open-source software. The article is under review.

I’d really like to translate this article in English, and publish it on as well (as we did last time, for the release of version 2.0.0). @patdavid already agreed with that idea :wink:

Unfortunately, I’ll be extremely busy the coming days and I’m afraid that the translation couldn’t be ready before several weeks if I’m working on this alone. That’s why I’m requesting some help :slight_smile:

So, is anyone interested to help translating some parts of this article in English, to get some cool news about G’MIC to be published on time, on ?

The current article (in French) is currently written as a Markdown text file, available here :

The file uses UTF-8 encoding. Having a browser extension as MarkView definitely helps for viewing the article linked above with the correct formatting and embedded images.

Please help if you can, I’m pretty sure the translation work could be done quickly if we are several people working on this!


I am curious if there is a similar add-on for Firefox. Any recommendations? (My French is poor and I don’t have the time unfortunately but maybe I will try this someday. :sunny: )


I can spend some time to help on the translation, but I have no experience what so ever on this. A little guidance will be much appreciated :wink:

(G'MIC staff) #4

I’ve not used Firefox for a long time, so I can’t tell sorry. There are probably similar things, “Markdown viewer” seems one of the available module :

What I would suggest is:

  1. Install something to be able to view markdown-formatted text (module/extension for your browser usually does this quite well).
  2. Get the markdown file .md that I’ve just linked in the first post. This is an UTF-8 text file, so this should be easily editable. Maybe we could put a version on the git repo of, so that several people can work on it simultaneously ? Or another better idea to allow collaborative translation ?


I’m really not comfortable with GitHub :sweat:. I copied pasted the file in a framapad (collaborative online editing tool). So anybody can collaborate on the translation (I haven’t started it yet, I will give it a shot tomorrow).

Maybe some people better than me in English could review it during the translation work.


“cadriciel”. Mais où vont-ils chercher tout ça…

(G'MIC staff) #7

Note that LinuxFR has finally published the article, so you can visit this link to get an idea on how it looks when translated to HTML :

Oui ça sonne pas bien, mais c’est la traduction “officielle” de framework :slight_smile:

(G'MIC staff) #8

A small update. I’ve processed the markdown file to have a first rough translation :

(the French->English translation has been done using Google translate).
Not sure if this is useful, but this could be used as a basis for improvements ?
What do you think ?


I think that will save me a lot of trouble :blush:.

Thank for the file. It will be easier for me to fix Google translation than come up with my own.

As very few people seems to use the framapad, I will only review the file on my computer on post the result.

(G'MIC staff) #10

I think @patdavid has also started to work on this file, maybe there is a way to gather your efforts to avoid duplicate work. I’ve also to fix some of the links in this text that link to pages in French (e.g. wikipedia pages).