Request for photos: Olympus image stabilisation metadata

At the moment, I am updating the Exif.OlympusCs.ImageStabilization tag in Exiv2 and would like to know how to interpret the metadata values. I can look up the image stabilization labels in the Olympus instruction manuals but I do not know how these relate to the values stored in the metadata.

I am looking for photos taken with the different image stabilization settings for several Olympus camera models. Ideally, one photo for each of the possible setting in your camera but whatever you can provide will help. For each photo, I need to know the camera model and which image stabilization setting was used. I can then examine the photo to find out which value is stored in the metadata. The quality of the picture is unimportant, so photos of the floor/ceiling are equally as helpful. I am only interested in the metadata.

The Exiv2 library provides the metadata processing for many open-source projects such as darktable and GIMP. Once a file is opened, Exiv2 provides the original (‘vanilla’) value stored in the metadata but also tries to provide a human-readable interpretation (the ‘translated’ value). Currently, the Exif.OlympusCs.ImageStabilization tag only outputs translated values of Off, On, Mode 1, On, Mode 2 and On, Mode 3. However these labels are generic and do not relate to the options displayed on the camera. My aim is to provide clearer labels such as S-IS1 and S-IS AUTO.

Once I have samples from several different camera models, I can complete the changes in Exiv2.

Thanks for the help.


Jpegs ok?

Hopefully yes, they should contain the complete Olympus MakerNotes in the Exif data…

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I’ll be happy to shoot some for you.
I have a Pen-F and an EM1 mk1

Before I do, please see if this out of camera jpeg has the exif info you need. If not, I can give you RAWs from whatever I shoot.

the files are being uploaded right now.

This is the E-M5 Mark III

***66.ORF IS off
***69.ORF IS auto
***72:ORF IS 1 (all directions)
***75.ORF IS 2 (vertical)
***78.ORF IS 3 (horizontal)



Before I do, please see if this out of camera jpeg has the exif info you need. If not, I can give you RAWs from whatever I shoot.

Thanks for replying. I have checked and the Exif.OlympusCs.ImageStabilization tag is in your image.

Here’s 3 from a PenF. Hope it helps.
PENF Stabilzer JPGS.tar.gz (24.6 MB)

point and shoot ‘Olympus Digital Camera Stylus VH520’ ?


point and shoot ‘Olympus Digital Camera Stylus VH520’ ?

Thanks for the offer. I have looked at the instruction manual for your camera and can’t see any image stabilization settings that you can change. However, it is possible that the value is still automatically added. If you provide a photo, I am happy to check if the tag is included in your file.

I have looked at all the photos submitted here and they show image stabilization settings of:
0 = Off
1 = S-IS1
2 = S-IS2
3 = S-IS4

If anyone has other values not covered by this list, then please let me know. I will leave the thread open for a few days before closing and submitting my changes to Exiv2. Thanks again everyone.

Looked in the Exif of one of my photos - got this
Filename - PC090003.JPG
Model - VH520
Orientation - Top left
XResolution - 314
YResolution - 314
ResolutionUnit - Inch
Software - Version 1.0
DateTime - 2018:12:09 20:37:27
YCbCrPositioning - Co-Sited
ExifOffset - 858
ExposureTime - 1/320 seconds
FNumber - 5.00
ExposureProgram - Normal program
ISOSpeedRatings - 3200
ExifVersion - 0230
DateTimeOriginal - 2018:12:09 20:37:27
DateTimeDigitized - 2018:12:09 20:37:27
ComponentsConfiguration - YCbCr
ExposureBiasValue - 0.00
MaxApertureValue - F 3.29
MeteringMode - Multi-segment
LightSource - Cloudy weather
Flash - Flash not fired, compulsory flash mode
FocalLength - 12.00 mm
UserComment -
FlashPixVersion - 0100
ColorSpace - sRGB
ExifImageWidth - 4288
ExifImageHeight - 3216
InteroperabilityOffset - 19604
FileSource - DSC - Digital still camera
CustomRendered - Normal process
ExposureMode - Auto
White Balance - Manual
DigitalZoomRatio - 1.00 x
FocalLengthIn35mmFilm - 68 mm
SceneCaptureType - Standard
GainControl - High gain up
Contrast - Normal
Saturation - Normal
Sharpness - Normal

Maker Note (Vendor): -
Mode - Normal

Thumbnail: -
Compression - 6 (JPG)
XResolution - 72
YResolution - 72
ResolutionUnit - Inch
JpegIFOffset - 19728
JpegIFByteCount - 4613


in case you need some more examples, here are JPGs from E-M1 original and E-M5 Mark II (19.7 MB)